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Alumni and friends can continue to support the aspirations of the new ISU Alumni Center in the following two categories: naming opportunities and gift-level giving.

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Gifts to this project are tax-deductible, count toward one's total lifetime giving to the university and in the university's current comprehensive campaign, and qualify or support one's membership in the Order of the Knoll.

For more information on making a gift to the ISU Alumni Center, contact:
Julie Larson, 515-294-8490;

ISU Alumni Association Arts & Artifacts Collections Policy

The Iowa State University Alumni Association seeks to collect books, artifacts, and memorabilia that promote the traditions of Iowa State, tell the story of Iowa State and the accomplishments of its graduates, and preserve the history of Iowa State. Artifacts and memorabilia in the ISU Alumni Association collection are meant to be viewed (and books browsed) by visitors, and this collection is not meant to supplant the University Archives within the ISU Library.

Items desired for the ISU Alumni Association collection should be in fair and original condition. The ISUAA will limit the collection to items that can be reasonably well preserved, cared for, stored, and displayed.

The ISUAA wishes its collection to fully represent the history of Iowa State across all decades and all academic and extracurricular experiences. Artifacts related to the following areas are of particular interest to the ISUAA include, but are not limited to:


  • Books written by or about ISU graduates or students
  • Books of general interest about Iowa State or the state of Iowa
  • Original copies of the Bomb yearbook, published by ISU from 1894-1994

Memories and traditions

  • Letter sweaters and other clothing
  • Homecoming and VEISHEA buttons; other buttons
  • Class rings and other Iowa State jewelry
  • Pennants
  • Letters
  • Scrapbooks and photo albums
  • Items depicting VEISHEA, Homecoming, and other campus activities
  • Select campus photographs and photos of student life at Iowa State (Note: Most donations of photos will be sent to the University Archives)
  • Memorabilia related to fraternities and sororities, student housing, and student organizations (Note: University Archives houses all papers and documents associated with student organizations)
  • Items related to campus icons (i.e., the Campanile)
  • Iowa State glassware

Process for donating items to the ISU Alumni Association collection:

  • Call:
    If you wish to discuss a potential donation, call the ISUAA toll-free at 1-877-ISU-ALUM (478-2586) or locally at 294-6525 and ask to speak with Carole Gieseke or Carol Thorson. We can help walk you through the process.
  • Email:
    Your first contact may also be through an email to the ISUAA. Send us information and/or questions about a donation to Carole at
  • Drop by:
    Although we discourage dropping off an item without first inquiring about the donation, it is acceptable to simply drop by with your item, or to drop by and visit with us about the donation.

Process for determining if the item will be included in the collection:

  • The ISUAA staff, using the collection guidelines established by the ISUAA Board of Directors outlined above, will determine whether or not the item fits the ISUAA collection
  • If the item is accepted, the donor may drop the item off or mail it to the ISU Alumni Center
  • If an item is left for evaluation and the item is not accepted, the donor must pick the item up, pay for its return shipping, or allow the ISUAA to dispose of the item (see “alternative outcomes” below). Items will be held for only one month, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • In rare circumstances, a member of the ISUAA staff will travel to the donor’s home or business to evaluate and/or pick up items that are large, fragile, or numerous if the donor is unable to deliver the item(s)

If the item is accepted for the collection:

  • The item will become a part of the  collection.
  • Most items will be displayed in the ISU Alumni Center or stored in the Center
  • In some circumstances, the item will be loaned to another ISU entity for display (i.e., University Museums, University Archives, Department of Athletics) or stored in another ISU location (i.e., University Archives) but remain in the ISUAA collection.
  • If an item is deemed too rare or fragile for the ISUAA collection, it will be transported for permanent housing in the University Archives. This includes most photographs.
  • The ISUAA reserves the right to eliminate any item at any time from its collection (see “alternative outcomes” below). By gifting the item to the ISUAA collection, the donor waives the right to restrict the item’s use unless specifically agreed upon in writing at the time of the donation.

Alternative outcomes:

  • The item will not be accepted, and it will remain with the donor.
  • The item will not be accepted, but the donor will be advised to inquire about including the item in the University Museums or University Archives collections.
  • The item will be accepted but not included in the collection. In this situation, the item may be included in a silent auction to raise funds for Association programs, warehoused, sold, or destroyed. The donor will approve the use of the item unconditionally upon donation.

Process for acknowledging gifts
Whether an item is accepted or refused, the ISUAA staff will acknowledge each donor in writing.  A copy of all acknowledgments will remain on file at the ISU Alumni Center.

The ISUAA will respect all requests for anonymity as it relates to donor recognition of items donated to the ISU Alumni Center.

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