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The ISU Alumni Association began work on its ISU Alumni Center landscaping plan in April 2010. The landscape design was done by Jim Mason ('76 landscape arch) and Rhett Faaborg ('77 animal ecol) from Ames' Country Landscapes, Inc. and by Rhonda Martin ('86 landscape arch) from ISU's department of facilities planning & management. The ISU Alumni Center gardens were officially dedicated in October 2011.

The Slater West Entry Lawn and Gardens was designed to accommodate outdoor events, including weddings. With beautiful Bradford pear trees, Buck Roses, and a tilted bed showcasing seasonal plants that spell out ISU, visitors are sure to feel welcome as they make their way onto the Center's grounds from Beach Ave. This space may be rented for special events.

The Slater Alma Mater Monument Garden and Native Prairie, located on the northwest side of the Center, has been outfitted with a large piece of limestone engraved with the words to the Iowa State Alma Mater. The stone is flanked on either side by benches made from stone caps salvaged during the recent renovations and additions to State Gym. An added feature of this garden in bioswale, planted with native grasses and perennials, which receives water from the building and driveway and retains the water while it slowly seeps into the ground. The hillside completing this garden is planted with a variety of native prairie grasses accented with conifers, flowering shrubs, mums, and day lilies.

The Hopson Memorial Garden and Patio, named to honor the late James A. Hopson, the seventh individual to serve as executive director of the ISUAA, is a beautiful space adjacent to the Uelner Executive Board Room on the west side of the Center. This space is filled with native grasses, daffodils, jonquils, magnolias, mums, sumacs, and Buck roses. The curved bench serves as a great spot to relax, to visit with friends, or to meditate. This space may be rented for special events.

The West Lawn and Alumni Gardens, still awaiting a donor, is the perfect place to pitch a tent for a large-scale outdoor event. Nestled among prairie plants, you’ll find the original stone engraved with the word “library” from Morrill Hall. This garden also features the Reiman Cyclone Tower, a musical wind sculpture designed by artist Lyle London of Tucson, Ariz. This space is ideal for intimate dinners and receptions. For more information about making a gift to the ISU Alumni Center gardens, contact Jeff Johnson at (877) 478-2586.

The Eggerling Iowa State University Traditions Garden, located on the northwest side of the ISU Alumni Center and designed for private outdoor receptions and events, features the original gates from Clyde Williams Field and accented with wrought iron fencing and brick pillars showcasing 13 well-loved Iowa State traditions. These traditions have been depicted in tile moldings created by the clayworks studio of David Dahlquist of Des Moines, Iowa. Each pillar also bears a bronze plaque telling the story of each tradition and honoring the donors who made these special pillars and tiles possible. Three black maple tree seedlings from central campus have been added to this very special garden.

The Tubbs Cyclone Garden, on the east side of the ISU Alumni Center, serves as the backdrop to the Bronze Cy, a sculpture by Scottsdale, Ariz., artist Michael D’Ambrosi and the Alumni Center flagpoles. The Cyclone Garden is a beautiful alcove garden adjacent to the lower entrance to the Alumni Center. Russian sage, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, roses, boxwoods, a stone path, cherry trees, annuals, bulbs, and grasses highlight this space.  A large urn holds seasonal plants and ornamental grasses, and a stone wall bears an original quote from Iowa State College’s first graduate and alumni director, Edgar Stanton, class of 1872.

The Nelson Family East Prairie Garden is an Iowa prairie in the making. This beautiful garden-in-the-rough is the backdrop to the inaugural Wall of Alumni and Friends on the southeast side of the Center.  Buck Roses, conifers, sumacs, and other ornamental grasses and shrubs make up this hillside garden. A stately white oak is putting down roots as it positions itself to shade the south end of the Center’s Newlin Terrace in the future. A natural path winds down the south side of the garden.

Thank you to the ISU Alumni Center Garden Donors!

The Slater West Entry Lawn and Gardens
John B. & Mary Helen Slater

The West Lawn and Alumni Gardens
Available for naming at $150,000

The Slater Alma Mater Monument Garden and Native Prairie
John B. & Mary Helen Slater
The Hopson Memorial Garden and Patio
Roseva Albertson
Ronald & Diane Andersen
Carol Anderson
Martha Anderson
Kenneth & Edna Anderson
John & Joan Axel
Mary Jo & Jon Banwart
Craig & Janet Beer
W. Douglas & Phyllis Beers
Brent & Marsha Bierbaum
Shirley & Royal Beirbaum
Vicki & Ben Biller
Murray & Diane Blackwelder
Jan & Jeff Breitman
George Burnet & Agatha Huepenbecker-Burnet
Neil & Joan Carlson
Terry & Pam Cobb
Steve & Amy Cox
Trudi Crosby
Bob & Lucy Crom
Roger & Carole Custer
Bill & Linda Dahl
Jim & Julie DeLano
Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare & Eric Dolbeare
Billi Hunt & Michael Elam
Glenn & Connie Esbeck
Rhett & Denise Faaborg
Elaine Faas
Jon Fleming
Craig & Barb Foss
Gary Frederick
Arnold & Bonnie Gaarde
Diana Gambaiani
Kerry & Debra Gibson
Willis & Jean Goudy
Ronald Graham
Yvonne & Donald Greiman
Ron & Pam Hallenbeck
David & Patty Harner
Lyle & Kathryn Harris
Monica & Stan Hayes
Ethel M. Hoegh
Judy Hopson
Dick & Sandy Horton
Gerald & Carol Hunter
Etha Hutchcroft
J&R Fax Service
Carol Jensen
Chad Jorgensen
Richard & Joyce Jorgensen
Jeff & Peggy Johnson
Miriam Kapfer
Stephanie Kapfer
David & Becky Klatt
Dan & Sharon Krieger
Robert Krone
Robert & Pamela Krotz
Gary & Margaret Krull
John & Julie Larson
Adam & Nikki Laug
Choy Leow & Connie Cher
Larry & Phyllis Lepke
Warren & Bev Madden
Stephen & Mary Mahoney
Michael & Cynthia Marquardt
Charlie & Kathryn Martinson
Bradley Matt
Robert & Julie McKenna
Glen & Mary Jo Mente
Richard & Patty Montag
Doris Moore
Steve & Michelle Mores
Lyle & Harriet Morse
Beverly Nelson
Dale & Linda Nelson
Don & Margaret Nelson
Wayne & Margaret Northey
Greg & Mary Olander
James & Frankee Oleson
Les & Barbara Omotani
David & Bonnie Orth
Lois Pannkuk
Delmar Patterson
Glen & Mary Peterson
Vernon & Charlene Peterson
Richard & Marlene Polmear
Don & Ardi Roehr
Kari Roehr
Kay Runge
Donna Fae Schepers
Julie Schoenrock
Duane & Joyce Schulz
Norm & Erma Skadburg
Vaughn & Mary Speer
Evan & Rebecca Stadlman
Shirley Stakey
Rob & Jamie Stensland
Carolyn & Walter Stidwell
Michelle & Greg Stotts
Jerry & Karen Tow
Pat & Len Thiede
Gary & Janet Thompson
Dennis & Shirley Tice
Al & Myrna Tubbs
Elaine Tubbs
Roy & Sandy Uelner
Ray & Joan Underwood
Dwayne & Lori Vande Krol
David & Sally Van Wert Family
Merlyn & Dorothy Vander Leest
Robert & Lois Vohs
Jill Wagner
Bill & Betty Waters
Bob & Martha Jean Watson
Michael & Ann Whitehill
Ron Wilson
Doyle & Dorothy Wolverton
Dan & Jacqueline Woodin
Don & Carolyn Zuck
Steve & Kathy Zumbach

The Eggerling Iowa State University Traditions Garden
Don & Glenda Eggerling

Tradition Pillars
Lancelot and Elaine: Carol Anderson
Homecoming: Steve & Amy Cox
ISU Fight Song: Craig & Barb Foss
Cyclones: Shane & Lauren Jacobson
VEISHEA: Mel & Darlene Larsen
The Campanile: Mel & Darlene Larsen
Cardinal and Gold: Jim & Kathy Melsa
The Victory Bell: Deb Tharnish & Nick Roby, Stan & Nancy Thompson
Hilton Magic: Phil & Susan Sargent
Cy: Ryan & Meg Schon
Lake LaVerne: Dwayne & Lori Vande Krol
The Ring: Dan & Jacque Woodin Family (Mark & Audra Woodin Watson, Austin & Melissa Washburn Woodin, Annon Woodin & John Schwelger, and Anson Woodin)
The Zodiac: Judy Hoefle and Margaret Krull in honor of their husbands, Bill Hoefle and Gary Krull

The Nelson Family East Prairie Garden
Doug & Ellen Nelson
Alan & Kate Nelson Terrell
Eric Nelson
Andrew & Ashley Zappa Nelson

The Tubbs Cyclone Garden
Ed & Elaine Tubbs

In-Kind Gifts
Rhett & Denise Faaborg
Jim & Pam Mason

Special Gift
Russ Snyder

Special Thanks

Jim Mason (’76 landscape architecture) and Rhett Faaborg (’77 animal ecology), owners, and the staff of Country Landscapes, Inc., Ames, Iowa

Rhonda Martin (’86 landscape architecture), landscape architect, Facilities Planning and Management, Iowa State University

Cory Hanson (’06 marketing/management), director of development – regional programs, Iowa State University Foundation

David L. Dahlquist, owner and artist, and the staff of Dalhquist Clayworks, Inc.

Lisa Ly (’06 graphic design), ISUAA graphic designer

Lynette Pohlman (’72; ’76 MA interior design), director, University Museums

Tanya Zanish-Belcher, university archivist, Parks Library

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