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Live Green!

The ISU Alumni Association is proud to participate in Iowa State University’s “Live Green!” initiative and has created its own green initiative to make the Association’s programs, services, and facilities more environmentally friendly. If you have an idea to make the ISUAA more “green,” contact interim building manager Don Behning

Iowa State University's Live Green! website

Objective of the ISUAA Green Initiative
To help the Iowa State University Alumni Association chronicle, publicize, and plan for how it can further implement strategies and practices of sustainability throughout the many programs and services that it offers, including those related to the new ISU Alumni Center.
How the ISU Alumni Association is Living Green
  • The ISU Alumni Center, home of the ISU Alumni Association since July 2008, is the first building on campus to use geothermal heating and cooling. In addition, Energy Recovery Units make the heating and cooling systems more efficient.
  • All lighting and electrical controls in the ISU Alumni Center were designed to conform to the newly adopted and more rigorous International Energy Conservation Code.
  • The ISUAA works hand-in-hand with ISU Printing Services, which uses 84 percent Forest Stewardship Council or Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper.
  • The ISUAA works with ISU’s Information Technology Services to ensure all of its computer equipment is Energy Star compliant and recycled through ISU’s Asset Recovery Program.
  • The ISUAA special events staff is working to increase waste recycling opportunities at its out-of-town events.
  • The ISUAA is making a concerted effort to hold events at environmentally-friendly venues, including West Des Moines' Blue Moon Piano Bar, which has a “green” kitchen.
  • The ISU Alumni Association communicates as often as possible via email instead of paper. To make sure you’re on our email list, complete the “Stay Connected” form online.
  • White paper, newspaper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and batteries are recycled in the ISU Alumni Center.
  • The ISU Alumni Center’s windows are made from “Low E” thermal glass in order to reduce solar heat gain.
  • Natural day lighting in offices and public spaces at the ISU Alumni Center reduces the dependency of artificial lights, and lighting on the west side of the facility was kept to a minimum to reduce “light pollution” for the residents in close proximity.


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