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Annual Report

Annual Report for July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016

Your Alumni Association 'stock report'

Dear Members:

Where’s your stock certificate? Is it somewhere visible for you and others to see? If not, we want to encourage you to take time to consider giving your alma mater space and place. Proudly display your Iowa State stock certificate in your home or office. Make your Iowa State connection known!

So what is this stock certificate, anyway? It’s your diploma. This diploma is a statement of your academic pilgrimage and achievement. It had value when you received it. And as you took it into the marketplace, employers and organizations knew its value and credibility. Because of this quality reputation, that exchange led to your employment and inclusion.

For decades (and at an even greater levels this past year under President Steven Leath’s leadership), your Alumni Association has recommitted itself to helping alumni and friends see, understand, and share the story of why Iowa State’s stock is at an all-time high. Here are a few of those facts:

  • Iowa State has experienced eight consecutive years of enrollment growth (current enrollment stands at 36,660).
  • Iowa State’s first-year, full-time student retention rate is 87.6 percent, well above the national average.
  • Iowa Staters are getting placed in jobs, as well as graduate and professional programs, at an average of 95% within six months following graduation.
  • Iowa State broke its external funding record in FY16, attracting $425.8 million in total external funding including $252.5 million in research funding to aid the university in its mission to create, apply, and share knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.

As the second largest dues-paying member-based alumni association in the Big 12 Conference, your Association wants to ensure others know your Iowa State connection. We also want to make sure you are armed with the facts that further explain why Iowa State’s value to you and the world is still highly respected. If you don’t have a frame for your “stock certificate,” check out our complete collection at

And if you don’t have a “walking diploma,” we’d encourage you to join with the more than 550 Iowa Staters who proudly wear the official Iowa State ring. (Yes, that’s the walking diploma!) Learn more about the ring and how to order your own at

Read below to learn more about how your Alumni Association worked last fiscal year to tell Iowa State’s and Iowa Staters’ stories and engage alumni, students, and friends with each other and Iowa State.

Thanks for your engagement and for helping make Iowa State more visible!

Al Krysan (’87 agricultural business)
2015-2016 chair, ISU Alumni Association
Board of Directors

Jeff Johnson (PhD ’14 education)
Lora and Russ Talbot ISU Alumni
Association Endowed President and CEO


Total ISUAA members: 52,727

  • Life: 25,096
  • Annual: 22,159
  • Student: 5,472

'Meet me at the Center'

Total number of events held in the ISU Alumni Center: 475

  • 176 university events, including 105 departmental meetings or retreats, 35 banquets, and 5 holiday parties
  • 125 ISUAA events for the public, including Cyclone Centrals and OLLI classes
  • 104 public events, including 42 meetings, 10 reunions, 5 tailgate/pregame parties, and 5 holiday events
  • 70 student events, including 24 sorority and fraternity meetings and 15 banquets
  • In 2015-2016, 22 wedding receptions were held, and 8 couples tied the knot at the Alumni Center.

The Cardinal & Gold Gala

  • Netted nearly $70,000 from 370 generous attendees at the fifth-annual gala event held Feb. 12 in Des Moines
  • 575 alumni and friends attended the Gala -- the highest-ever attendance at the event
  • The original 6 Gala scholarships were all fully endowed from this event's proceeds
  • Overall, proceeds from this event and from individual donors has provided 31 scholarships to ISU students

Stay Connected!

13,916 Facebook likes
6,396 Twitter followers
1,132 Instagram followers
1,100 unique emails sent
25 ISU News Flash e-newsletters sent
4 issues of VISIONS magazines produced

Wall of Alumni & Friends

  • 150 new plaques added in 2015-2016
  • 4,886 total plaques
  • 1,055 plaques still available

The Sustaining Life program

  • $254,542 raised to support student and alumni programs
  • 1,413 donors


Private dollars raised to support ISU Alumni Association outreach and engagement programs


The number of service hours that 403 volunteers provided during the fifth annual Cy’s Days of Service in April 2016

Where in the world?

468 alumni and friends traveled on 41 ISUAA-sponsored trips in 2015-16; 51 additional travelers booked alternative departure dates/itineraries.

The Talbot Endowment

  • Total pledged endowment: $2.5 million
  • Total received to date (June 30, 2016): $850,757
  • Total received in FY16: $350,000
  • Total spendable earnings in FY16: $19,168


Active alumni clubs

  • Additional Gamewatch Cytes: 13
  • Number of club events: 81
  • Number of gamewatches: 383

Our student programs: 'Alumni in residence'

Student Alumni Association:

  • 5,472 members
  • Largest student organization on campus
  • One of largest in the nation

Student Alumni Leadership Council:

  • 65 members
  • Five active committees: Ambassadors, Cyclone Alley Central, Homecoming Central, Senior Class Council, Executive Council


The number of meals served at 7 Cyclone Centrals in fall 2016

Fun Facts about Homecoming 2015

  • Students consumed nearly 10,500 meals at Food on Campus
  • More than 4,600 Homecoming buttons were sold
  • More than 1,550 Yell Like Hell participants
  • 500 meals served at the Cyclone Central tailgate
  • 270 ISU Alumni Band members came back to Ames for their annual reunion
  • 24 points were scored against Texas during the Homecoming football game (ISU won, 24-0)


Number of alumni, students, and friends honored with ISU Alumni Association awards in FY16

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ISU by the numbers

  • 1,600 class/trip spaces filled
  • 700 members
  • 159 active volunteers
  • 70 classes offered in 3 sessions
  • 8 members-only lectures
  • 4 one-day trips, 1 two-day trip, 1 seven-day trip

Iowa State-branded credit card

The Bank of America affinity credit card program by the numbers:

  • 11,591 total open credit card accounts
  • 374 new credit card accounts opened in FY16
  • 1,070 total open deposit/checking accounts
  • 179 new deposit/checking accounts in FY16
  • $285,000 royalty revenue generated to support ISUAA programs and services
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