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It's our 10th birthday in 2017!

The ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Council, made up of graduates of the past 12 years, was founded in 2007 to increase outreach to this important and growing group.

Today, young alumni make up 22 percent of the overall alumni body and 7.4 percent of the ISU Alumni Association's membership. The importance of accepting, encouraging, and developing the talents and resources of this growing demographic will be key to continued success in promoting Iowa State University and connecting Iowa State alumni with one another.  

Focusing our outreach to this group requires more involved and creative techniques, a more diverse message, and engaged leadership that understands the attitudes of the young alumni segment. With the Young Alumni Council's assistance and involvement, the Alumni Association is able to better reach out to this segment of Cyclones Everywhere and create meaningful experiences to keep them connected and engaged with Iowa State University, the Association, and each other. 


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If you have questions about Young Alumni Council or want to apply, contact Chelsea Trowbridge at the ISU Alumni Association for more information.

Phone: (515) 294-2584

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