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ISU Alumni Association Staff

Shellie Andersen, Director of Alumni Travel and Student Programs
Don Behning, Director of Finance
Kurt Beyer
, Assistant Director of Student Programs/SALC Adviser
Heather Botine, Assistant Director for Athletics-Related Events
Kate Bruns, Associate Director of Communications
Jerusha Cascione, Program Coordinator for Communications Technology
Scott Dahl, Director of Membership and Marketing
Cecilia Dunlay, Staff Assistant for Student Programs & Travel
Carole Gieseke, Chief Communications Officer
Tillie Good, Assistant Director of Outreach and Events

Ralph Haskins, Building Manager
Katie Hartranft, Program Assistant for Reunions and Awards
Angela Horner, Alumni Center Events Manager
Jeffery Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer/Publisher
Judy Johnson, Accounting Clerk
Diane Kolbo, Receptionist
Julie Larson, Director of Outreach and Events
Tara Larson, Graphic Designer
Katie Lickteig, Assistant Director of Outreach and Events - Reunions & Special Programs
Jerilyn Logue, Assistant Director of Outreach and Events - OLLI & ISU Retirees
Heidi Long, Executive Assistant to the President
Beth Lott, Staff Assistant for Clubs, Societies, and Events
Courtney Moore, Assistant Director for Membership and Marketing
Alexis Olesen, Program Assistant for Alumni Center Events
Pam Plath, Staff Assistant for Membership and Marketing
Jenny Pollard, Assistant Director for Membership and Revenue Enhancement

Susan Pratt, Program Assistant for Communications, OLLI at ISU, and ISU Retirees
Michelle Stotts, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer



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