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ISU Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Iowa State University Alumni Association establishes policies regarding the property, management, and activities of the Association to engage Board of Directors Members“markets” and “publics” for the further advancement of Iowa State University and the Alumni Association. Policy formulation is, generally, based upon recommendations and information provided by the Association President, Executive Committee, and/or staff.

The Board is composed of twenty regularly elected members and four appointed voting members (a college representative, SALC president, ISU President representative, and a non-alumni member). Each director is elected for a five-year term, with four new directors elected each year. The Board meets four times yearly – with one meeting designated as the Board planning retreat. The ultimate role of the Board is to assist the Association staff and volunteers in carrying out the Mission of the Association in concert with the strategic goals of the University and other affiliated organizations, which include learning, scholarship, and engagement.

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Committee Structure
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Detailed info from our board handbook
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