Iowa State University Alumni Association

ISU Alumni Center and Gardens Donors

Bells of Iowa State - $5 million and above
Bobbi and Roy Reiman

True and Valiant - $1 million to $4.9 million

Spirits Great - $500,000 to $999,999
Sandra and Roy Uelner

Dear Alma Mater - $250,000 to $499,999
Mary Helen and John Slater

Love and Loyalty - $100,000 to $249,999
Agatha* Huepenbecker Burnet and George Burnet
Country Landscapes Inc.
Jon Fleming
Judith and William Hoefle
Ann and Albert Jennings
Mary Jo and Glen Mente
Jean and Michael Steffenson
Lora and Russ Talbot
Elaine and Edward* Tubbs

Ringing in the Hearts - $50,000 to $99,999
Donald Jordahl
Maynord Krug*
Marijo and Richard Marshall
Ellen and Douglas Nelson Family

Crown a Golden Melody - $25,000 to $49,999
James Boyd*
Monica Dolezal
Joanne and Charles Frederiksen
Donald Hanson*
Donna and Gary Hoover
Judy and James* Hopson
Carol and Gerald Hunter
Gene and Richard “Dick” Johnson
Sharon and David* Juon
Darlene and Melvin Larsen
Penny and Scott Olson
Erma and Norm Skadburg
Treynor State Bank
Patricia Yungclas

For Thy Throne - $10,000 to $24,999
Carol Anderson
Shirley and Royal Bierbaum
Linda and Willis Bywater
Amy and Steven Cox
Barbara and Craig Foss
Gary Frederick
Martha and Thomas Gleason
Judith and Michael Guttau
Lauren and Shane Jacobson
Peggy and Jeffery Johnson
Shirley and John Knipfel
Martha and Phil Krone
Katherine and James Melsa
Deborah Tharnish and Nicholas Roby
Sue and Martin Roepke
Kay Kretschmar Runge
Susan Kretschmar Sargent and Philip Sargent
Paula and Ned Skinner
Marcia and Steve Stahly
Jamie Lucas Stensland and Robert Stensland
Lori and Dwayne Vande Krol
Michele and Steven Whitty
Jacqueline and Dan* Woodin Family
Carolyn and Donald Zuck

Green Hills - $5,000 to $9,999
Accenture Foundation Inc.
Joy and Chester Boruff
Mary and Scott Braucht
Lucy and Robert Crom
Jeanne and Kevin Drury
Marcia and Harvey Freese
Pamela and Ronald Hallenbeck
Paige and Brian Hamilton
Elizabeth and Randall Hertz
Margaret and Gary Krull
Michelle and Craig Mahoney
Rhea and Gary Mulhall
Elaine and Charles Notis
Peggy and Frank Parks
Margaret and Ryan Schon
Mary* and Verne Simson
Jennifer and Brent Swanson
Nancy and Stan Thompson
Linda Glantz Ward and Doug Ward

Alma Mater - $2,500 to $4,999
Vicki and Benjamin Biller
Virginia and Riley Clark*
Rachel and Harold Crawford
Glenda and Donald Eggerling
V. Kent Green
Ann and James Halligan
Carol and David Hawn
Marcia Klindt
Kimberly Erusha and John Kunnert
Connie Cher and Choy Leow
Jennifer and Matthew Podhajsky
Russel Snyder
Becky Hack-Stewart and Rich Stewart
Sally and David Van Wert

Iowa State - $1,000 to $2,499
Faye and Ron Abbes
Elizabeth and Alan Albright
Kenneth Allbaugh
Marlene and Paul Armbrecht
Joan and John Axel
Janice and Jeffrey Breitman
Dorothy and James* Christy
Dilla and Jack Cosgrove
Kay and John Dunn
Mary and Ray Evert
Beverly Fischer-Soshea
Lucy Futrell
Betty and Richard Grant
Kathryn and Lyle Harris
Anne and Charles Hesse
Monica and H. Clifford Hinkhouse
Tahira and Labh  Hira
Christine and Gary Hunziker
Sharon and Daniel Krieger
Julie and John Larson
Margaret and Wayne Northey
Frankee and James Oleson
Barbara and Les Omotani
Bonnie and David Orth
Nancy and James Pellett
Peggy and Thomas Radio
Ardyce and Donald Roehr
Shirley and Richard* Snyder
Chelon Stanzel
Scott Stanzel
Sharon and Robert Swindler
A. Loy and Robert Walker
Lori and Doug Wenzel

Gold - $500 to $999
Mark Bohner
Alison and William Boeckmann
Gay and Ronald Baukol
Janet and Craig Beer
Jinita and Douglas Boyd
Marcia and Richard Campbell
Georgia and Paul Crockett
Carole and Roger Custer
Julie and James DeLano
Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare and Eric Dolbeare
Joyce and David* Emmert
Janet and Larry Hiller
Mark Jones
Patsy and William Judge
Barbara and Henry Kinney
Mary and Kipp Koester
Joanne and Charles Kuster
Kelli and Tim Lyon
Beverly and Warren Madden
Vernon Meyer
Michelle Moseman Miller
Kathleen Mims
Michelle and Steven Mores
Elizabeth and Thomas Phelps
Kari Roehr
Carolyn and Richard Sackett
Patricia and John Shors
Myrna and Alan Tubbs
Dorothy and Merlyn Vander Leest
Diana and David VanHorn
Jill Wagner
Sara and Harold Warrington
Mary Wells
Peter Wetrich
Gracia and James Willis
Ronald Wilson
Dorothy and Doyle Wolverton
Kathy and Steven Zumbach

Cardinal - Under $500
Marian Ackerman
Annette Ackerson-Waldorf and Randy Waldorf
Edward Ahart
Jerald Aldrich
Anne and James Almquist
Charlotte and Albert Anderson
Bob Anderson
Wendy and James Anderson
William Anderson
Peg Armstrong-Gustafson
Dean Arney
Jerry Arnold
Dorothy and Curtis Askelson
Gary Askew
Mary Aspengren
Genendale and Kenney Atwell
Sharon and Larry Auge
Jean and Richard Baack
John Bahr
Suzanne and Dean Baker
Betty and Phillip Baker
Janice Baldwin
Sharon and Charles Baltzell
Janet and William Bancroft
Joan and Rodney Basson
Evolue and Rodd Baxter
Rachel Beatty
Patsy and Thomas Beavers
Susan Bechter
Debbie and Stephen Beer
Mary and Dale Belknap
Martha Jane and Donald Benbow
Ruth Ann Bennett
Neala and Chuck Benson
Robert Betzer
Nancy Jo and Larry Beyer
Tom Bilek
Roger Bilsland
Mary and Ronald Blough
James Bockhaus
Stanley Boehm
Robert Boldt
Sheila and Eldean Borg
Wretha Bosma
Harlan Boyce*
Joy and Allan Boyken
Mary and John Bradley
Bertha and Robert Braland
Karen and Gerald Bretey
Priscilla and Vernon Brickley
Louise and Everett Brown
Edward Buchanan*
Beverly and Donald Bunce
Patricia and Ronald Bunch
Karen and Dean Burkhart
Judith and Leroy Butler
Sharon and David Callahan
Michael Carstensen
La Deane and Donald Casey
Sarah and John Champion
Betsy Chapman
Ann and Douglas Chapman
Karna Chapman
Gean Clapper
JoAnn and Curtis Clark
Carol and Keith Clement
Anne Clubine
James Condra
Patricia Conover
Linda and Gordon Coons
Margot Copeland Goode
Barbara Correll
James Covey
Molly Cox
Jolene and C. Peter Crawford
Ruth and Daniel Crawford
Kathryn and John Crawford
Lila and Kenneth Crawford
Sarah and Lawrence Crawford
Russell Crawford
Janice Cross
June DeFore
John DeVries
Richard Dillman
Janice Donaldson
Richard Donaldson
Gene Downs
James Dunaway
Anne and David* Durland
Julie and Dennis Earhart
Donna and Robert Earley
Barbara and Larry Ebbers
Billi Hunt and Michael Elam
Gaylord Ellerman
Mary and William Ellingson
Carol Elliott
Alma and Loren Elliott
Gordon Engebretson
Beverly and Stanley Erickson
Janet and Thomas Erickson
Adolph Ermer
Dianne and George Farris
Mary and John Fazel
Theodore Feick
E. Beth Feldick
Gordon Felland
Barbara and James Ficke
Patricia Flahart
Lucille and Duayne Fletcher
Dorothy and James* Foster
Marjorie and Harold Fountain
Larry Fox
Darlene and Lyle Frahm
Eleanor and John Franklin
Helen and Marshall* Freeman
Allan Frevert
Nancy and Richard Gallagher
Jeanette and Jerry Gault
General Motors Fnd. Inc.
Marian and Richard Gielow
Sandra and Allen Glenn
Golden K Kiwanis Club of Des Moines
Margarite Goodenow
Doris Green
Patricia and Leroy Grego
Yvonne and Donald Greiman
Max Gross
Francene and Earl Gruenhaupt
Janice and George Guenther
Nancy and William Guillaume
Glenn Gustafson
Peggy and G. Richard* Gwynn
Wilma and John Hagan
Katherine Haggh
Wendlyn and Timothy Haight
Theodore Hall*
Judy and Jim Hanson
Mary Harms and Joshua Sharlin
Patty and David Harner
Karen and Richard Harrison
Marjorie and Duane Hart
Nancy and Gerald Hartmann
Dale Haukland
Lynda and David Haupert
Barbara and Charles Havener
Hegenbarth Consulting LLC
Zoe Heinmiller
Frank Helmer
Anita and David Hendrickson
Sandra Hendrickson
Victoria and Gilbert Hennenfent
Carolyn Herrald
Grace and Donald Hertz
D. Ann and Joel Hertz
Judy and Ronald Hess
Carol and Gregg Hiatt
Cynthia and Doyle Hickok
Virginia and Joe Hillers
LaVeda Hinton
Julie and Larry Hoffman
John Holcombe
Lois and Jan Holland
Carole and Park Hollenbeck
Bette Honeck
Sandra and Richard Horton
Susan and Jack Huff
James Hupton
Reita Hutton
Eileen and Vivan Jennings
Allen Jensen*
Linda and Daryle Johnson
Carol and Robert Jones
E. Joyce Jordeth
Kenneth Jungling
Leslie Kammerer
Kane Company, P.C.
Betty and Dennis Keeney
Karen and Daniel Klemmensen
Sherry and David Kleveter
Judith and Kenneth Klindt
Susan and Lawrence Koehrsen
Allen Koester
Mary Konrad
Lois and W.A. Kreofsky
Robert Kuehl
Hanna Jo Kyhl
Sharon and Peter LaGuardia
Lucy Lane
Wilma Lane
Grant Langdon
Marvin Larson
Nikki and Adam Laug
Virginia and Stanley Laures
Elisabeth and Brian Levine
James Linder
Erich Linse
Barb and Ronald Livengood
Rhonda and L. Kim Lloyd
Peggy and Daryl Long
Cheryl and David Lowe
Vilia and Joseph Ma
Martha Mangas
Rose and James Mao
Dennis Martin
Elizabeth* and William Martin
Loan and Paul Mather
Bradley Matt
Charles Maxwell
Helen and Earl Maxwell
Stee Maxwell
Sandy and Everett May
Dian and William Meek
Mary Mennes
Marilyn and Arnold Merrell
Madeline and James Meyer
James Meyerhoff
Adele and Kenneth Mikesell
Barbara and Ralph Mikkelson
Karen Larson Miller
Kathryn and John Miller
Emilie and Richard Miller
Barbara Minard
Robert Moffitt
Eleanor Munger
Margaret and Donald Nelson
Roy Nelson
Charlotte and Donald Neumann
Robert Neumayer
Helen and Gordon Nicks
May and James Nojiri
Joanne Nolan*
Beverly and Melvin Nutt
Ellen and William O'Connor
Jeanne and David O'Melia
Ruth Anne Ohde
Nancy and Richard Ohrt
Barbara and Charles Oldham
Andrea and Paul Olson
Bennie Olson
Herbert Olson
Paul Olson
Ferda and Yildirim Omurtag
Sharon and James Patch
Judith Patterson
Cynthia and Jerry Pearson
Gail and Richard Pearson
Thomas Pearson
Marilyn and Richard* Pecaut
Janice and Raymond Pelster
Robert Peringer
Bettie and Kyle Peterson
Nicholas Pierce
Larry Piercy
June and Marlin Plank
Mary and Ronald Pohl
Clara-Ellen and Roger Pohlman
Debra and Ken Portsche
Betty and Leroy Price
Joyce and Richard Price
Nancy and Douglas Pringnitz
Loretta and Robert Prostine
Anne and Stephen Quigley
Ann and Howard Raffety
Nancy and Harold Rathert
Linda Raymond
Luetta and Lester* Rhodes
Ruth and Richard Rice
Janelle Richardson
Jean and Larry Ringer
Carolyn Ringgenberg*
Paula and Thomas Ringkob
Beverly Rinker
Mary and Artemas Roberts
Barbara and Daryl Roberts
Mary and Leland Roegner
Janet Roth
Nina Rupp
Sally and Dennis Rust
Lourdes Sadanaga
Leslie and Dan Saftig
Marysue and Dan Salmon
Alpha* and Duane Sandage
Verna and Arend Sandbulte
Berlie Schmidt
Donald Schmidt
Nadine and William Schmidt
Robert Scholz
Nancy and Max Schreiber
Shirley and Gary Schwab
Merna and Richard Schwalbe
Vincent Schwenk
Larry Scott
Marguerite Scruggs*
Vonnie Secketa
Roger Sellew
Betty Seward
Laura and Howard* Shanks
Dorothy and Donald Sheeley
Jan and Marvin Shirley
Doris and Richard Simpson
Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare
Beau Skellenger
Delores Skinner
Keith Smith
Virginia and Keith Smith
Mary* and Vaughn Speer
Julie and Darrell Staley
Barbara Stam
M. Craig Stark
Cheryl and Stephen Stefani
Earl Steffenson
Sheila Stein
Norma and Adolph Stepan
Dorothy Stewart
Dail and James Swanson
Rollin Swanson
Carol and Bruce Thatcher
Patricia and Len Thiede
Robert Thoem
Janet and Gary Thompson
Shirley and Dennis Tice
Eleanor and Harold Tompkins
George Torrison
Joan* and Raymond Underwood
Henrietta Van Maanen
Sarah and Jay Van Wert
Sara and Craig Vander Leest
Arlene Vanderklomp*
Clarita and Doug Vandermyde
Lois and Robert Vohs
Janet Schoening Wachs and Edward Wachs
Janet Walkup
Barbara and Lyle Wallin
Donna Walmsley
Janet and Kornelis Walraven
Janice and Marvin* Walter
Winnie Walters
Virginia and Roland Wardell
Ellie Watkins
Lee Weislogel
Phyllis and Verne Weiss
Bonnie and Eldean Wendt
Diane and Roger Westman
Larry Whitacre
Weldon Whitenack
Cheri and Jeffrey Whiton
Muriel Whittlesey
Genevieve and Ivan Wikner
Jewell and G. Paul Willhite
Jean and Stanley Williamson
Anna and Roger Winans
Carole Winter
Margaret and Norman Wirkler
Marvin Wissink
Carol and Eldon Wohlleben
Nancy and James Wong
Joan Young
Mary Zych
Henry Zylstra

ISU Alumni Center and Gardens Endowment Donors

We Will Fight That Battle Through - $250,000 to $499,000
James Boyd*
National Philanthropic Trust DAF
Sandra and Roy Uelner

Forever True - $100,000 to $249,999
Anonymous (2)
Jon Fleming
Sandra and Richard Horton
Penny and Scott Olson

Loyal Sons (and Daughters) - $50,000 to $99,999
Glenda and Donald Eggerling
Doris and Donald Goering
Pamela and Ronald Hallenbeck

Will to Do or Die - $25,000 to $49,999
Joyce and Norman Farrington
Judy and James* Hopson
Marilyn and Richard* Pecaut
Norm Skadburg
Elizabeth Stephenson
Todd Swanson
Kathryn and Melvin Weatherwax
Kathy and Steven Zumbach

Fight with Might for Iowa State - $10,000 to $24,999
Martha Anderson
Gretchen Backlund
Janice and Timothy Coble
Martha and Donald Eddy
Judy and Robert Eddy
Karen and Steven Eddy
Mary Jo and Glen Mente
Marcia and Steve Stahly
Mary and Timothy Wolf

May Her Colors Ever Fly - $5,000 to $9,999
Irene Beavers
Edward Nassif
Deborah Tharnish and Nicholas Roby

Fight, Fight, Fight for Iowa State- $2,500 to $4,999
Carol Anderson
Pamela and Terry Cobb
Kay Kretschmar Runge

Fight Song - Under $2,500
Anonymous (2)
Faye Abbes
Roseva Albertson
Edna and Kenneth Anderson
Mary Jo Banwart
Janet and Craig Beer
Diane and Murray Blackwelder
Janice and Jeffrey Breitman
Agatha* Huepenbecker Burnet and George Burnet
Joan and Neil Carlson
Amy and Steven Cox
Linda and Bill Dahl
Alexandra and Shugato Davis
Nancy and Richard Degner
Jeanne and Kevin Drury
Connie and Glenn Esbeck
Elaine Faas
Barbara and Craig Foss
Bonnie and Arnold Gaarde
Diana Gambaiani
Pilar Garcia
Yvonne Greiman
Katherine Hallenbeck
Elizabeth and Randall Hertz
Ethel M. Hoegh Trust
Carol and Gerald Hunter
John Jacob
Carol Jensen
Gwen and Gerald Johnson
Joyce and Richard Jorgensen
Miriam Kapfer
Stephanie Kapfer
Becky and David Klatt
Karen and Gerald Kolschowsky
Sharon and Daniel Krieger
Robert Krone
Pamela and Robert Krotz
Margaret and Gary Krull
Julie and John Larson
Phyllis and Larry Lepke
Tove and Kevin Lockie
Beverly and Warren Madden
Cynthia and Michael Marquardt
Kathryn and Charlie Martinson
Julie and Robert McKenna
Gwen Meyer
Patty and Richard Montag
Harriet and Lyle Morse
Beverly Nelson
Margaret and Wayne Northey
Frankee and James Oleson
Bonnie and David Orth
Lois Pannkuk
Delmar Patterson
Mary and Glen Peterson
Charlene and Vernon Peterson
Marlene and Richard Polmear
Donna Fae Schepers
Julie Schoenrock
Laura Shanks
Mary* and Vaughn Speer
Rebecca and Evan Stadlman
Shirley Stakey
Jamie Lucas Stensland and Robert Stensland
Carolyn Stidwell
Michelle Stotts
Lora and Russ Talbot
Carlie Tartakov
Myrna and Alan Tubbs
Elaine Tubbs
Dwayne Vande Krol
Dorothy and Merlyn Vander Leest
Lois and Robert Vohs
Janet Walraven
Betty and Bill Waters
Martha Jean and Robert Watson
Ann and Michael Whitehill
Terry Wycoff

*Denotes deceased
Updated Sept. 18, 2013

Gifts to this project are tax-deductible, count toward one's total lifetime giving to the university and in the university's current comprehensive campaign, and qualify or support one's membership in the Order of the Knoll.

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