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Resources below are listed alphabetically by state.

In Illinois

Jana Berghoefer
PhD, Certified Life Coach

Jana helps bright, motivated people reach their full potential and live more deliberately, powerfully, and purposefully. The coaching process helps people master their inner lives, get clear about what they want, and make wise and compassionate choices that lead to desired outcomes like higher performance, greater influence, improved relationships, more prosperity, resiliency during difficulties, and feelings of confidence, ease, and peace.

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In Iowa

Carrie Copley (’91)
Life & Business Coach

Carrie specializes in coaching clients who are striving for success. Their biggest struggle is often finding balance between their professional life and personal life. They feel pulled in all directions and although they typically see where they want to go or how they want to live, they lack the energy to find the success that they desire. Their dreams are put on “hold” for another day. She is passionate about helping her clients embrace their full potential in their life and to help them create their own amazing futures!

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Angie Lookingbill (’93)
Leadership Development Coach

Using the behavioral assessment, The Birkman Method, Angie provides team building and leadership coaching focusing on the strengths each person brings to the team as well as their preferred work environments.

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Linda Phillips
Career Counselor

Our jobs should be fun and congruent with our personal values. Therefore, individual decisions for career choice need to be based on interests, skills and values. My job as a counselor is to help you think through your choices and guide you through the process. I will work with you through a three-stage exploration and decision process: know yourself, know the market and know how to market yourself.

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Lori Vande Krol (’93)
Certified Productivity Consultant

As a certified organization and productivity consultant, Lori helps individuals and businesses implement and maintain systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Using a unique 5-step process, she works with busy professionals and growing businesses to determine customized solutions to their specific challenges. Through education, training and over 10 years of experience, Lori has developed systems and tools that save her clients time, energy and money -- all resulting in less stress and more time for what matters most.

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In Kansas

Sarah Uchytil (’96)
Career and Life Coach

As a career and life coach, Sarah partners with individuals to help gain clarity, add focus, build momentum, and empower them to create significant positive change in their personal and professional life. She coaches individuals on topics including: personal development, life balance, leadership skills, resume creation, interview skills, networking strategies, and career transitions. With her clients she co-create actions plans to become more organized, reduce stress, establish healthy habits, overcome obstacles, create opportunities, and achieve career and life fulfillment.

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In Missouri

Mike Fischer (’79)
Owner, Peak Performance Business Solutions

Mike specializes in strategic planning and execution, leadership development, executive coaching, and balance coaching including family, work, and faith.

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In Nebraska

Amy Gubser (’84)
Executive Career Coach

Amy is a professional, certified career coach, certified resume writer, and the founder of CareerlaunchUSA. Her consulting experience includes working with groups and individuals in the areas of career decision making, assessment tools, job search, career and change management, networking, interviewing techniques, salary negotiations, resume and cover letter writing, interview training for managers, and conducting numerous career workshops.

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In New York

Susan Larson (’71)
Transition and Reinvention Coach

Susan specializes in life planning for individuals and couples for optimal aging over 50. She is available by phone or in person in Rochester, NY area and Sarasota, Fla. She has workshops in both locations posted on her website (below). Susan is known for active listening, customizing where clients are, and forwarding clients into exciting next chapters in their "bonus years."

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In South Carolina

Mikaela Kate Schaefer (’06)
Professional & Personal Life Coach

Mikaela Kate is a passionate speaker, writer, and coach dedicated to seeing YOU reach your full God-given potential! She motivates others to take their gifts, passions, and skills to the next level—to discover who they are and what they are made to do. Whether that's in your business, with your employees, or personally, she is an expert in leading, developing, and influencing individuals and companies to maximize their efforts. She has years of experience training and equipping large groups, as well as individuals to find their unique voice, and release it! (Coaching sessions are available over the phone. She is often traveling to Iowa and will travel to large groups.)

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