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The History of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Iowa State University (OLLI at ISU), formerly known as the ISU College for Seniors (CfS)

Timeline of Events
All-time Course Rosters

Timeline of Events

January 1992: Ann Molison approached the ISU Retirees Committee with a proposal to establish a program at ISU that “provides an education of high quality to students of all stages of life.” The ISU Retirees responded positively and a task force committee of 25, chaired by Marvin and Julia Anderson, was formed.

February 1993: Warren Madden, vice president of Business and Finance, with the approval of the Faculty Senate, provided a $2,000 loan to the College for Seniors.  Ann Molison was asked to coordinate the program and a board of directors was chosen.  A set of policies and procedures were written.

April 1993: Survey was sent to 1,200 local ISU Retirees to determine if there was a future clientele.  The results were encouraging.

July 9, 1993: Not even the historic flood could stop the work.  Room 88 Scheman reported 4 feet of water.

Sept. 21, 1993: Classes began with 4 courses and 120 students; tuition was $40 per class.  Courses were open to anyone 60 years of age or older.

October 1993: Applied for affiliation with Elderhostel, and became an Institute for Learning in Retirement.

November 1993: Office secretary, Vicki Grey, transferred to another department and Betty Licht took her place.  

Spring 1994: First Preview of Classes was held enabling students to mingle with the instructors and learn about the program; 7 courses held with 191 students.

Sept. 15, 1995: A Swamp Oak, donated by the CfS, was planted on the north side of the Scheman Building, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Retirement Office and the ISU Retirees Committee.

Spring 1996: Great Decision course was introduced.  Produced by the Foreign Policy Association in New York, it used a format of viewing a taped dialogue on a weekly topic of current worldwide concern followed by discussion among the students. 

Fall 1996: Michael Gartner, then editor of the Tribune and former head of NBC News in New York, taught a course entitled “Impact of the Media”.  Over 234 persons registered for the course and exceed the capacity of the Scheman classroom, Room 204-208.  This course needed to be moved to Benton Auditorium.  

Sept. 1996: Initial $2,000 loan was repaid.

Winter 1997: Began offering winter classes due to numerous requests from persons who don’t “go south” for the winter—2 courses (8 weeks) with 37 students.

Spring 1997:  18 courses offered this year with 717 students enrolled.

Spring 1998: This semester brought a “commuting” instructor.  William Brouwers drove each week from Indiana to team-teach with John Patterson.

October 1998: A CfS booth was included in the ISU Retirement Fair which had an attendance of more than 1100 people.  Current employees were given information about one exciting adventure to look forward to after reaching age 55

Spring 1999:  Computer classes and Bridge were added to curriculum.\

June 1999: Ann Molison retired and in August, Ann Doty became coordinator.

April 2000: CfS hosted the first statewide Learning in Retirement conference.  25 courses offered this year with 866 students enrolled.

Fall 2000: Enthusiasm created in Annette Rowley’s “Short Stories to Enlighten and Delight” led one of the students, Helen Hainey, to suggest the formation of a group that would be interested in continuing discussion of the subject.  Prime Time Readers was born.  Their first performance was in Spring 2001 at Annett’s CFS course, “More Short Stories “.

Winter 2001: Due to the success of the “Introductory to the Internet” course in 1999, the Curriculum committee was encouraged to seek out an instructor for another computer course plus a location.  ISU Parks Library generously offered the use of their computer lab.

Spring 2001: The ISU Extension office in De Moines proposed that classes be offered there, so the first course, “Des  Moines:  Glimpses of Its Past”, was held.  Also during this semester the first evening course, “Astronomy”, was held in Ames. 

Fall 2002: An increase in the demand for computer instruction warranted additional locations.  The ISU Extension computer lab in the Scheman Building was available allowing 24 additional students.  Mary Greeley Medical Center allowed the use of their computer lab for early evening classes.  Soon the lab at the ISU Foundation Building would be available.

Spring 2002:  Betty Licht was “officially” hired as the part-time program coordinator.

Spring 2003: Minimum age for enrollment was lowered to 50 years of age.  Tuition fees increased to $50.  30 courses offered this year with 1,124 students enrolled.

August, 2003: The “Unofficial” History of the College for Seniors was compiled and written by Betty Licht.

August 25, 2003: A celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the ISU CfS program was held at Scheman Building.  The lunch menu was described as a “School Lunch”.  The program included a master of ceremonies, musicians, displays, and the Prime Time Readers.  The Prime Time Readers to date have presented at twenty-plus performance.

July 1, 2006: Memorandum of Agreement between CfS & ISU Alumni Association signed.

Spring 2007: First two courses offered at Wesley Acres Retirement Community in Des Moines.

July 1, 2007: CfS became a constituent program of ISU Alumni Association.  Jan Breitman becomes director and Barbara Meyer staff assistant.

Jan. 10, 2008: CfS became a full program of ISU Alumni Association.

July 2008: CfS received $100,000 Bernard Osher Foundation Grant and became the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Iowa State University (OLLI at ISU).

Spring 2008: First field trip offered—a 12-day Geology trip to Colorado and Utah.
First course offered at The Lodge of Ashworth Retirement Community in West Des Moines.

January 2009: Jerilyn Logue was hired as a part-time program coordinator.

Spring 2009: 53 courses offered this fiscal year with 1,164 students enrolled.

July 2009: $100,000 Osher Grant funding renewed for Fiscal Year 2009-2010.

All-time Course Rosters

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Fall 1993
• An Investment Primer
• Documents and Myths We Live By—or Do We?
• Explore Classical Music
• Medical and Social Ethics of the 90’s

Spring 1994
• Adventures in Listening
• American Values
• Climatic Change and Weather Cycle
• Energy
• Museums: Discover the World Within
• Nature Inside and Out
• World Religions

Fall 1994
• Art History
• Contemporary Issues: An African Perspective
• Digging for Roots
• Explore Classical Music
• Humor: A Part of the Live of Every Senior
• International Economics
• Investments
• Nutrition

Spring 1995
• Adventures in Listening
• American Constitutional Development
• Aspects of European Theatre History
• Current Horticultural Topics
• History of Ames
• Hot Spots Areas of World Interest and Concern
• Intergenerational Relationships (Including Grand Parenting)
• World Religion

Fall 1995
• Adventures in Listening
• American Constitutional Development
• Art History
• China: Traditions and Transformations: Issues for the 21st Century
• Geriatric Medicine today
• Great Historic Buildings of the Western World
• Literature of the Bible
• Western World Costume: A Brief History

Spring 1996
• Civil War History
• Geriatric Medicine
• Great Decisions
• History of Iowa
• Horticultural Topics
• Musical Instruments: Past to Future
• Photography
• Speedy Spanish for Travelers

Fall 1996
• Geriatric Medicine Today
• Great Decisions ‘96
• Hollywood: the Golden Years
• Impact of the Media
• Latin America: Past, Present, and Future
• Libraries: Windows to a World of Information
• Listening to Classic Jazz
• Major Economic Problems and Policies

Winter 1997
• Classic Novels, Now Movies: Still a Good Read?
• Great Decisions ‘96

Spring 1997
• Basic Concepts in Political Thought
• Current Theater in New York and London
• Geriatric Health Issues
• Great Decisions ‘97
• Issues Facing East Asia as it Approaches the 21st Century
• Landscape Architecture
• Opera
• Preserving Your Documentary Heritage: A Practicum

Fall 1997
• Eight Crucial WWII Strategic Decision: North Africa to the Eibe
• Factors That Determine Our Weather and Environment
• Geriatric Health Issues
• Great Decisions ‘97
• Legal Seminars
• Listening to Classic Jazz
• Photography: Discover Your Camera’s Potential
• The Celluloid Muse: A Look at Hollywood Movies 1940-1970

Winter 1998
• Great Decisions ‘97
• Preserving Your Documentary Heritage: A Practicum
• Think Turkey

Spring 1998
• Basic Concepts in Political Thoughts
• Conflicting Worldviews of Theism and Atheism
• Current Horticultural Topics
• Geriatric Health Issues
• Great Decision ‘98
• Literature of the Bible
• Opera
• Six Crucial WWII Strategic Decisions: Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki

Fall 1998
• Classical Music for All Occasions
• Developing a Love of Reading: Selecting Children’s Literature for Ages 5-12
• Geriatric Health Issues
• Great Decisions ‘98
• Impact of the Media
• Legal Seminar
• Never Too Old for Romance: Adventure, Beauty and Humor in British Romantic Poetry
• Nutrition and Your Health

Winter 1999
• Energy in the U.S.: Past, Present and Future
• From Placentia Bay to Potsdam: Allied Summitry during WWII
• Genesis
• Great Decisions ‘98

Spring 1999
• Central Europe in Transition: Focus on Slovak and Czech Republics
• Conflicting Worldviews of Theism and Atheism
• Geriatric Health Issues
• Great Decisions ‘99
• Introduction to Bridge
• Introductory Internet
• Issues in Education
• Major Landmarks in World War II
• Opera
• World Religions

Fall 1999
• 150 years of Popular Music in America
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Death as Part of Living
• Geriatric Health Issues Today
• Great Decisions ‘99
• Issues in Food Safety
• Literary and Historical Perspectives of World War I
• The History of Iowa
• Understanding the Chinese Revolution

Winter 2000
• Great Decisions 2000
• Preserving Your Documentary Heritage
• Hollywood Movies 1965-1900

Spring 2000
• 150 Years in Popular Music in America
• Agriculture: From Cave to Corn Belt
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Digital Photography: How and Why
• Investing and Estate Planning: Beyond the Basics
• It’s Don’t Mean a Thing: Big Bands of the Swing Era
• Playing with Word
• Shakespeare Production From the Globe, 1599 to Shakespeare’s Globe in 1999
• The History of Iowa
• Understanding the Chinese Revolution

Fall 2000
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Energy in the USA: Past, Present, and Future
• Faith in Practice: Religions Worldwide
• Korean War: International, Civil and Domestic Perspective
• Geriatrics Health Issues Today
• Great Decisions’ 2000
• Great Music of Great Britain
• Ideas of the Great Economists
• Short Stories to Enlighten and Delight

Winter 2001
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Computer Images and Digital Photography
• Computers for Beginners
• Hollywood Movies: Fantasy, Reality, and Musicals
• More Fun with Words
• Rule Britannia: Contemporary British Government and Politics

Spring 2001
• Astronomy for Seniors (this was the first evening course to be held)
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Computer: Using the Internet
• Conflicting Worldviews of Theism and Atheism
• Cyclone Memories: The History of Iowa State University
• Des Moines: Glimpses of Its Past (first class to be held in Des Moines)
• Dialogues: Race and Community Relations
• Great Decisions 2001
• More Short Stories
• Nutrition and Your Health
• The Earth’s Story: Mountain Building, Earthquake Activity, and Volcanoes

Fall 2001
• Antiques and Collectibles
• Art and Artists
• Beginnings in Genealogy and Family History
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Computers for Beginners
• Energy in the 21st Century
• Energy in the USA: Past, Present, and Future
• George Washington: The Making of the American Republic
• Great Decisions 2001
• Ideas of the Great Economists
• Writing Family Stories

Spring 2002
• Alternative/Complementary Medicine
• Beginning Computer
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Classical Music: 1600-1750, the Baroque Era
• European Theater History from 1800 to Present
• Iowa from Ancient Times to the Present
• Live It Up, Write It Down
• Meet the Internet
• Movers and Shakers of Early Des Moines
• Preserving your documentary Heritage: A Practicum
• Spanish for Travelers
• Women in the Arts
• World Religions

Fall 2002
• ….And Then I Wrote: The Great American Songbook
• Appreciation of Public Art
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Computers for Beginners
• Computers: Intermediate Level Users
• Impressions of Post-Revolutionary Russian Arts, History, and Economy
• Iowa Writers: How They Do It
• Italian Language for Travelers
• Reflections on the Movies
• Understanding the Peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia
• Water for Life

Spring 2003
• Beginning Computer
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Climb Your Family Tree
• Current Trends and Problems in Agriculture and Food Production
• Digital: The New Photography
• Energy for Our Future in the U.S.
• Eyewitness to World War II
• Great Decisions 2003
• Intermediate Computer
• Iowa Country Schools:  Landmarks of Learning
• Listening to Classic Jazz
• Memoir and Beyond: A Hands-On Workshop
• Mysteries and Musicals: An Affectionate Look at Two Popular Film Genres
• The Loom of Language
• The World Turned Upside Down

Fall 2003
• All About Flying: A Primer on Aircraft and Aviation for Seniors
• American Women in History
• Ramifications of the Iraq War
• Avoiding Disaster
• African Mosaic
• On the Lincoln Highway
• Ames Heritage Collection Stores
• Shakespeare and Music
• Food Security: How Safe Is the Product?
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Butterflies
• Wild Birds

Spring 2004
• Digital Imaging
• Ethnicity in Iowa—The Scandinavian Experience
• Great Decisions 2004
• Campaigns and Elections 2004
• Take Me Out to the Ballgame: A Celebration of Baseball
• Financial Planning Beyond the Basics
• Books for Children—Literature for Life
• Antiques and Collectibles
• Catch the Excitement of the Ames Main Street Cultural District
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Drama: Ibsen and Saw
• Signing

Fall 2004
• Geriatric Medicine 2004
• The United States and the Middle East, 1970 to 9/11: How Did We Get Here?
• Musical Stars of Stage and Screen
• An Introduction to Geology
• A Genealogical Safari: A Hunt for Your Elusive Ancestor
• Downsizing without Downgrading: Decorating With Confidence
• Iowa’s Roots: the Germans
• Digital Gizmos for Senior
• Lewis and Clark: Journey to another America
• Cutting Edge Engineering Technology: A Showcase for the ISU Engineering College
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series

Winter 2005
• Iowa Roots: More about the Germans
• Looking Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan: Potential Issues for America?
• Lewis and Clark: Journey to another America

Spring 2005
• Iowa Roots: The British Isles
• Drama: Strindberg and O’Neill
• Development, Globalization, and the World’s Poor
• DNA, Cloning, and Other Genetic Considerations
• Classical Music 1750-1830: the Classical Period
• Newsroom Cubs and Literary Lions
• Great Decisions 2005
• Introduction to Coin Collecting
• What’s New at the ISU Research Park
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Fall 2005
• A Year in Your Garden
• Iowa Roots: The Dutch Heritage
• Great Decisions 2005
• Iowa’s Rural Heritage
• Virtuosi of the Fine Arts
• Healthy Lifestyles 2005
• The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Swing
• Iowa’s Amazing Architecture
• Exploring Industry n Ames
• What’s up, DOT?
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series

Winter 2006
• American “Slanguage”
• Home Computer Security
• The U.S. Supreme Court and Judicial Review
• Poker
• Advanced Microsoft Word
• Creative Writing—Nonfiction
• More about What’s Up at DOT
• Woodcarving

Spring 2006
• Iowa Roots: African American History in Iowa 1838-2000
• Energy
• More Newsroom Cubs and Literary Giants
• Great Decisions 2006
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Geology of Iowa
• Wake Up Your Garden for Spring
• Voyages of Discovery: In Our Solar System
• Bridge 2: The Diamond Series
• Bridge 4: The Spade Series
• Aspects of European Theater History
• This We Believe
• Iowa Elections 2006
• Exploring Industry in Ames
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Fall 2006
• Insects and Our Health
• Iowa Wildlife
• More Spain than Spanish
• Poetry for the Pleasure of It
• Great Decisions 2006
• The Art and Science of Forestry
• Exploring the World of Religion and Science: Yesterday—Today—Tomorrow
• Music and War
• Disaster! Are You/We Ready?
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Watercolor Painting
• Home Computer Security
• Italian Calligraphy—A Beautiful Way to Express Your Thoughts
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Winter 2007
• Advanced Microsoft Word
• Poker
• Home Computer Security
• Environmental Biology
• Authors and Publishers Who Shook Up the Modern Literary Scene
• Stories about Old Friend—Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Books
• Don’t Just Give It Away:  Your Guide to Charitable Giving No Matter Where You Have Charitable Interests
• Digital Photography

Spring 2007
• Prairies
• Grandparenting Infants and Toddlers
• Ames Artists at Work—Who They Are, What They Do
• Great Decisions
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Ames —What Makes It an Outstanding City?
• Astronomy: Ventures Beyond Our Solar System
• Oh, What a Lovely War: Military Conflict on the Silver Screen
• “See You in the Funny Papers”: A History of American Comic Strips and Comic Books
• This We Believe II
• The Story of Broadway Theatre from Herald Square to Lincoln Center
• Introduction to Electronic Musical Keyboards and Lead Sheet Music
• Bridge – The Diamond Series
• Bridge – The Spade Series
• Watercolor Painting
• Lewis and Clark: Journey to Another America
• Commonly Used Bridge Conventions
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Fall 2007
• German Language and Culture
• Virtual Time Travel: Insights into Native American Culture and Archaeological Digs in Iowa and the U.S.
• The Romance of Opera
• Great Decisions
• Bird feeding: Discovering a Nature Refuge in Your Own Backyard
• Private Lives: Styles of biography
• Digital Photography: Point and Shoot Basics
• Digital Photography: Advanced dSLR Level
• Newsroom Cubs and Literary Lions
• Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Iowa State University
• The Blindfold Test for Popular Music Recordings
• Playing Arranger-Style (with automatic accompaniment) Electronic Musical Keyboards
• Fruit of the Vine: Demystifying Wine
• An Introduction to Native Plans of the Midwest Region
• Calligraphy 2007 Spencerian Script: Littering Elegance with Sweeping Flourishes
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Bridge:  No Trump
• The Great American Songbook
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Winter 2008
• Home Computer Security
• Exploring the Quilting Graze: It’s Not Just for Grandma Anymore!
• Music 101: A Cultural Potpourri of Composers
• Reducing Human Impact on the Earth’s Resources
• Your Indoor Garden
• Three Plays Based on WWII History
• Poker
• Advance Microsoft Word

Spring 2008
• Geology: Mountain, Plateaus, Canyons and Red Rocks
• National Parks Tour (May 17-28)
• Healthier Lifestyles
• Music Behind the Scenes
• Great Stores About Ames and Central Iowa Towns
• Great Decisions
• Digital Photography: Point and Shoot Basics
• Digital Photography: Advanced dSLR Level
• American Theatre History Since 1930
• Crumhorns, Kotos and all that Jazz: Classical Music in the 21st Century
• The History of Jazz
• Bridge – The Diamond Series
• Bridge – The Spade Series
• Fruit of the Vine—Demystifying Wine
• This We Believe III—Part A
• This We Believe III—Part B
• This We Believe III—Part C (Vedic City Maharishi University Bus Day Trip)
• Watercolor Painting
• Exploring Industry in Central Iowa
• Music: It don’t Mean a Thing
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning
• Computers: Intermediate

Fall 2008
• Advanced Directives and Ethical Wills: Affirming our Values to the End of Life
• Global Warming
• Broadway Shows We Love
• Great Decisions
• Fruit of the Vine: Demystifying Wine
• Digital Photography: Point and Shoot Basics
• Digital Photography: Advanced dSLR Level
• German Language and Culture
• Exploring Antiques and Collectibles
• U. S. Presidential Campaigns
• Calligraphy 2008: Spencerian Script Lettering Elegance with Sweeping Flourishes
• Voyages of Discovery: Copernicus to the Big Bang
• Charles Darwin—His Life
• An Introduction to Native Plants of the Midwest Region
• Bridge 1: The Club Series
• Bridge 3: The Heart Series
• Bridge: No Trump
• History of Iowa State Athletics
• America’s Music
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Computers: Exploring the Internet
• Computers: Introduction
• Computers: Beginning using Word 2003
• Computers: Intermediate using Word and Excel 2003

Winter 2009
• Home Computer Security
• A Literary Landscape of Iowa
• Art Beyond the Museum
• Our Fascination with Railroads
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot
• Mark Twain
• Travel and Travails of George Washington
• Making “Green” Choices

Spring 2009
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot Basics
• Digital Photography—Advanced dSLR Level
• Middle East Issues:  A Review and Update
• The Cold War’s “Spy Wars:” US vs. Soviet Union
• Great Decisions
• Issues and Events in American Women’s History
• Geology—Mountains, Basins, Geysers and Hot Springs
• Optional 13-day National Park tour in July
• Great Questions: Can We Answer Them Now?
• Ames Authors
• The Story of Broadway Theatre from Herald Square to Lincoln Center
• Bridge—The Spade Series
• Bridge—The Diamond Series
• Flowers That Can’t Wait For Spring
• Water Colors
• Exploring Industry in the Ames Area
• Great Decisions (Des Moines)
• Mark Twain: America’s Humorist (Des Moines)
• Computers—Level 2 (will use Microsoft Word 2003)
• Computers—Level 2 (will use Microsoft Word 2007)
• Computers—Level 3 (formerly Intermediate Computer)
• Computers—Exploring the Internet

Fall 2009
• America’s Rails: Past and Future
• Railroad Museum Tour to Council Bluffs and Omaha (October 8th and 9th)
• Changing Patterns of Energy
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Great Decisions
• Photography Field Trips
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot Basics
• Digital Photography—Advanced dSLR Level
• Regional Cultures in Early America and Their Origins
• Famous Operettas
• A Brief Look at Eleven Decades of Movie Directors
• History of Iowa State Athletics
• Life in the Thirties
• Animal and Human Interactions
• Iowa as the Early “Wild West”
• Ames Water Supply and Source
• Reminiscing About Your 4-H Experiences
• Fresh Approach—Cooking for One or Two
• Bridge—The Clubs Series
• Bridge—The Hearts Series
• Bridge—The No Trump Series
• An Introduction to Native Plants of the Midwest Region
• Calligraphy: Spencerian Script—Lettering Elegance with Sweeping Flourishes
• Computers—Level 1 (formerly Introduction to Computer)
• Computers—Level 2 (formerly Beginning Computer)
• Computers—Level 3 (formerly Intermediate Computer)
• Computers—(Tuesday) Editing, Manipulating, and Printing Digital Photographs
• Computers—(Wednesday) Editing, Manipulating, and Printing Digital Photographs
• Art: Visual Thinking—Inside Out (Des Moines)

Winter 2010
• Home Computer Security
• More Great Questions
• Iowa Artists
• Fresh Approach: Cooking for One or Two
• Understanding and Appreciating Poetry
• How to Use Your Mac
• Writing Workshop: “Gifts of Memory”
• A Government of Laws or of Men?
• “What if?” History: How History Could Have Changed
• Values, Belief Systems, Knowledge, and Worldviews in Science & in Religion

Spring 2010
• Classical Music in the 19th Century: The Romantic Period
• Tradecraft: The Tools and Techniques of Espionage
• The First Presidency
• Exploring the Internet
• Advanced Microsoft Word 2007: (twice a week)
• Level 2—Computers: (twice a week)
• Working with Digital Photos—Basics
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot Basic
• Digital Photography—Advanced dSLR
• Ancient and Present Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau
• Keeping Electronic Family and Genealogical Records
• Ames Water – A Unique and Valuable Resource
• Great Decisions
• Living a Healthier and More Satisfying Life
• …So Grows the Tree: Creating and Sharing an Ethical Will
• World Religions
• Great Questions
• Wood Carving: Beginners and Beyond
• Greek Humanism: an Intellectual Revolution
• Photography Field Trips
• Water Colors
• Exploring Industry in the Ames Area
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Geology of the Scenic Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon Region

Fall 2010
• Bridge—the No Trump Series
• Classical Music of the 19th Century: The Romantic Period, Part 2
• Computers—Level 3
• Culture—Belief—Behavior: How are they Interrelated?
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot Basics
• Drawing for People Who Think They Can’t Draw
• Editing and Managing Photographs Using Picasa
• Great Decisions—2010
• Historical Furniture Making
• Mediterranean Cooking
• Music (Behind the Scenes)
• Notable Achievements by Unlikely People
• Opera—From Thought to Stage and More
• Photography Field Trips
• PowerPoint 2007 Fundamentals
• Some Lesser-Known Operas of Verdi
• Take Control of Your Health—Women’s Issues
• The Art and Science of Forestry
• The Loom of Language
• The Poetry of the Romantic Revolution
• Tools and Techniques for Conserving Heritage Landscape and Gardens
• Using Parliamentary Procedure in Small Groups
• Voyages of Discovery: Copernicus to the Big Bang
• Weather—Why, When, and Where
• What’s New at the ISU Research Park?

Winter 2011
• Early American Farmer Rebellions
• Functions of the Human Brain
• Great Questions: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom
• Home Computer Security
• Introduction to Community Sustainability
• Introduction to the Hindu Framework
• Learning iPod, iPad, and iPhone
• Mac OS X-Leopard, Snow Leopard & Lynx
• You Can’t Say That! Free Speech in the United States from the First Amendment to the Burning of the Koran—also offered as the first OLLI ONLINE course

Spring 2011
• Advanced Microsoft Word
• Armchair Traveling
• Award-Winning Screen Performances
• Beginning Conversational Spanish
• Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species
• Christianity and Science
• Classics of American Literature—Democracy in America, Vol. 1
• Digital Photography—Point-and-Shoot Basics
• Drawing For People Who Think They Can’t Draw
• Expanding Your E-mail Knowledge
• Exploring and Exercising Our Mind—Body—Spirit
• Fire and Ice Excursion—Learning on the Road opportunity
• Fire and Ice—also offered as an OLLI ONLINE course
• Flowers That Can’t Wait Until Spring
• Glimpse into the Microcosm
• Great Decisions 2011, Great Decisions 2011 Study Guide
• Great Questions: Skeptics and Believers
• Iowa First-in-the-Nation Presidential Caucuses
• Level 2--Computers
• Photography Field Trips
• Searching the Internet:  Making It Work for You
• Shakespeare and the Theatre of His Time
• Sustainability in Action: The Low Carbon Diet Program
• The Poetry of the Victorian Period in England
• Understanding Contemporary Art
• Watercolors
• Why Anti-Federalists Opposed the Constitution
• Wood Carving: Beginners and Beyond
• Working with Digital Photos—the Basics

Fall 2011
• Classics of American Literature—Democracy in America, Vol. II
• Computers—Level 1
• Computers—Level 3
• Digital Photography—Point and Shoot
• DNA, Recombinant DNA, and Genetically Modified Plants and Animals
• Editing and Managing Photos Using Picasa
• Expanding Email
• Functions of the Human Brain, Part II
• Great Decisions 2011
• Great Questions: Decision Making, Emotion, Morality, and Happiness
• Haiku: Understand Them, Write Them
• Introduction to Disc Golf
• Iowa Authors
• Jazz: Yes or No?
• Keyboards and Their Music
• Maharishi University of Management and Fairfield—1-Day Bus Trip
• Managing Your Money and Your Life
• Our Amazing Mother Tongue
• Photo Field Trips
• PowerPoint Fundamentals
• Residential Landscaping Design
• Searching the Internet
• Terrorists, Insurgents, and Freedom Fighters
• The Founders Series—Thomas Jefferson
• The Founders Series—Thomas Paine
• The McCarthy Era:  Seen Through Its Court Cases
• The Salem Witchcraft
• The Transformation of the Roman Empire
• This We Believe
• Three Approaches to Cooking Healthy Foods
• What You Don’t Know About the Bible and Are Afraid To Ask

Winter 2012
• Changing Factors in Electrical Power: From Generation to the House   
• “Slices” of American Musical Culture
• Positive Lifestyle Changes Have Lasting Benefits
• Humor: Its Roots and Variety
• Humor: Its Roots and Variety—OLLI ONLINE
• Home Computer Security
• Social Media: Staying in Touch
• Worlds Beyond
• Mac OS X—Leopard and Snow Leopard
• Learning iPod, iPad, and iPhone
• Basic Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Spring 2012
• Explore and Discover: Downtown Ames
• The Cold War’s Traitors and SpyCatchers
• Photography Field Trips
• Yellowstone Supervolcano—Past and Future Impact
• Yellowstone Supervolcano—Past and Future Impact—OLLI ONLINE
• Great Decisions—2012
• Classical Music 1600-1750: The Baroque Era      
• President Washington Slept Here
• Wood Carving for Beginners and Beyond (new projects for 2012)
• What in the World?!?  (An Examination of World Events as They Happen)
• The Founders Series: Benjamin Franklin
• Iowa Foodways from Covered Wagons to the Butter Cow and Beyond
• CAM for You and Your Pet  
• Religions of the World
• Nonfiction Writing: From Essay to Memoir to Reportage
• Drawing for People Who Think They Can’t Draw (Lab Class)
• Expanding Your Culinary Arts    
• Citizenship
• Citizenship—OLLI ONLINE
• Kayaking and Canoeing
• Digital Photography: Point-and-Shoot Basics
• Successful Watercolor Painting
• Great Music Inspired By Great Literature
• Introduction to Disc Golf
• Exploring Industry in the Ames Area
• Advanced Microsoft Word
• Searching the Internet: Making It Work for You
• Expanding Your Email Knowledge
• Email for Beginners
• Computers, Level 2
• Working with Digital Photos: The Basics
• Frank Lloyd Wright in Mason City—day trip
• Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis—day trip
• The Yellowstone Supervolcano: Past and Future Impact—14-day trip

Fall 2012
• An Illustrated Guide to Relativity
• Democracy 2012: Is It Working?
• Feng Shui
• Great Decisions 2012
• Keeping Electronic Family and Genealogical Records
• Looking at Smart Phones, Tablets, and Readers
• Looking at Smart Phones, Tablets, and Readers—OLLI ONLINE
• Making Memories Wonderful—the Art of Scrapbooking
• More “Slices” of American Musical Culture from 17th Century through the 20th Century
• Opera from Thought to Stage and Much More
• Photography Field Trips
• Political parties and Other Odious Organizations
• Political parties and Other Odious Organizations—OLLI ONLINE
• Religion and the Civil War
• The American Revolution
• The Founders Series—James Madison
• Viral and Bacterial Diseases
• What in the World?!?  An examination of world events as it happens…
• What’s So Funny about That?

Winter 2013
• The Multifarious Musical Muse    
• East African Safari
• New State Constitutions Were Written When Independence Was Declared
• The Law of Thermodynamics
• Understanding Global Climate Change
• Functions of the Human Brain
• Health Care Systems: What Can We Learn From Other Nations’ Experiences?
• The Psychology of Dreaming
• Home Computer Security
• Great Findings in Physical Science—Described in Simple Language
• The Ramayana: A Major Epic of the Hindu World
• Basic Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Spring 2013
• Outdoor Cooking
• Travel Journal Writing: Capturing the Moment, Mood, and Mystery
• Fun With Numbers: Wonders in the World of Numbers
• Fun With Numbers: Wonders in the World of Numbers—OLLI ONLINE
• Learning Your iPad: Hands-On
• Trains and Ames
• The Spanish-American War: A Preview of Vietnam
• Introduction to Disc Golf
• Great Decisions 2013
• Hymnody: The Rich Story of Singing in the Church
• Photography Field Trips
• Appreciating Shakespeare: Background to Some of His Plays and How to Enjoy Them
• The What, Why, and How of Happiness
• The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy: Historic Games of Major League Baseball
• Movie Magic: How the Cinema Evolved from Flickers to Digital Fantasies
• Recovery from Catastrophe: Rebuilding Societies after Genocide and Ethnic Conflict
• Creative Nonfiction Writing: The Art of Writing About Life Experiences
• Let Anyone an Actor Be
• Expanding Your Culinary Arts II
• Political Parties and Other Odious Organizations
• Political Parties and Other Odious Organizations—OLLI ONLINE
• Drawing for People Who Think They Can’t Draw
• The Civil War: 1861-1865
• Telemann: His Music and Times
• Midwest Childhoods: Laura and Lois, Maud and Wanda
• Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking
• Visit to the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates—day trip
• The Founders Series in Virginia 2013: Jefferson, Madison, and Washington—11-day trip

Fall 2013
• Middle East: What in the World is Going On?
• What’s the Buzz about Bees?
• Why Can’t I Remember?   Practical Tips for Dealing with Memory Overload
• Compulsive Hoarding: an Overview
• The Sons of J.S. Bach
• The Sons of J.S. Bach—OLLI ONLINE
• Farm Talk 2013: Not Your Father’s Farmall
• Extreme Travels
• Extreme Travels—OLLI ONLINE
• Tests of Big Bang Cosmology
• The Science of Decorative Arts
• Slices of American Musical Culture
• Memory in Postwar Europe: WWII
• The Performing Arts are Alive and Well in Ames
• Functions of the Brain IV
• How to Read a Work of Art
• How to Create an “Out-of-the-Ordinary” Theme Garden
• Microsoft Office using MS Office Web Apps
• Revise, Rewrite, Rework
• Activist Judges: How the Supreme Court Has Shaped the Constitution and Nation
• A Stroll through American Poetry
• Photography Field Trips
• Root & Branch: Pruning Your Family Tree (Beginning Genealogy)
• Wood Carving
• What in the World?!? An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• Food, Glorious Food
• Medicinal Botany—Plant-derived Drugs of Lasting and Historical Medical Significance
• Mac Computers and iDevices at Green Hills
• Wine 101
• A Day at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library and the Czech Village—day trip

Winter 2014
• Indian Philosophy
• Great Questions in Philosophy, Mathematics & Science
• A Game Plan for Health and Fitness at Home
• Home Computer Security
• Discovering Shakespeare
• Great Songs That Have Faded from View Redux
• Why Can’t I Remember?
• Show and Tell, Section A
• Show and Tell, Section B
• Understanding Global Climate Change
• The Saga of Digital Computers
• Who Won the War of 1812?

Spring 2014
• Travel Touchstones: Travel Writing for Pleasure or Profit                                                
• The Rio Grande Rift
• The Rio Grande Rift—OLLI ONLINE                                               
• Musicals and Mysteries                                                
• Learning your iPad, Section A
• Learning your iPad, Section B
• What in the World?!?  An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• The Founder Series—Alexander Hamilton
• The Invention of Shopping: Consumerism and the First Department Store
• Iowa State Fair Food Exhibiting and Judging 101
• Latin for You—Jazz
• The Themes and Threads of Western Philosophy
• Normal Aging: What Can You Expect in Your 70s?
• Making Sense of Life: A Three-Part Journey – Part One
• Charles Darwin: His Life, Ideas, Family, Friends, and Critics
• Introduction to Disc Golf
• Expanding Your Culinary Arts III
• Photography Field Trips
• The People’s History of ISU Athletics
• The Panama Canal at 100
• Great Decisions 2014
• Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking
• The Migration of the Sandhill Cranes—two-day trip
• A Visit to the Country Life Center, Birthplace of Henry A. Wallace—day trip

Fall 2014
• The Greatest Story Never Told
• Macbeth
• Iowa, Down in the Dirt
• AIOFA Concert Preview: Moscow State Symphony
• Artistic Creativity for Everyone!
• Kindle Readers
• What in the World
• The Last Great Imperial War – the Boer wars
• Come Travel with Us: A World of Friends is a World of Peace
• Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
• The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy: Historic Games
• Mac Computers and iDevices at Northcrest
• Hubble Space Telescope: History and Discoveries
• The U.S. Constitution: Origins and Evolution
• The Warren Court: the Heyday of Liberal Judicial Activism
• The Warren Court: the Heyday of Liberal Judicial Activism—OLLI ONLINE
• The Renaissance and What It Means to Us
• The Renaissance and What It Means to Us—OLLI ONLINE
• Revise, Rewrite, Rework Class
• Making Sense of Life: A Three-Part Journey--Part Two
• Photography Field Trips
• Watercolor Class
• Winter Blues
• World War 101: An Introduction to "The Great War"
• Beginning Genealogy 102
• Lincoln/Douglas Debates
• Social Media
• National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo.—day trip
• Enjoy a Day of Learning at Whiterock Conservancy—day trip
• Abraham Lincoln Tour in Springfield, ILL—four-day trip

Winter 2015
• A Preview of Anything Goes
• Concert Preview: State Symphony of Mexico
• Esperanto: Introduction to a Creative Language
• Functions of the Human Brain
• Gluten Free Cooking
• Home Computer Security
• Let’s Get to Know Richard Wagner
• Making Sense of Life: A Three-Part Journey—Part Three
• Oil and Gas Industry—Upstream Overview
• Surveying for Civilians: History, the System, Principles, Boundary Laws and More
• “True” Culture Comes to Iowa
• The Twenty-First Century
• Understanding Global Climate Change
• Using iPad & iPhone Without Vision

Spring 2015
• Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery
• Pearl Harbor
• Oh, What a Lovely War: Military Conflict on the Silver Screen
• New Kind of War: Mechanized Mass Warfare in "The Great War"
• Pearl Harbor - OLLI ONLINE
• Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery - OLLI ONLINE
• What in the World?!? An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• Mark Twain: America's Humorist
• Photography Field Trips
• Positive Psychology
• Research at ISU that Touches Our Lives
• Struggle for Electoral Democracy in the U.S.
• Struggle for Electoral Democracy in the U.S. - OLLI ONLINE
• Beginning Bridge: The Club Series
• Watercolor Techniques
• Lewis and Clark
• Shakespeare's Stages
• Black Death - The Ebola of 1340s?
• Caregiving: A Map for Unfamiliar Territory
• Learning Your iPad - Hands On, Section B
• Artistic Creativity for Everyone, 2
• Come Travel with Us
• Evolutionary Biology: A Background and Introduction
• Exploring Industry in the Ames Area
• For the Love of All Things French
• Geology in the News
• Geology in the News - OLLI ONLINE
• Getting the Most out of Facebook
• Great Decisions
• Just Pin It! Save Those Ideas for the Future on Pinterest!
• Fun with Words
• Kayaking in Moving Water
• Learning Your iPad - Hands On, Section A

Fall 2015
• Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Hitler
• Learning Mac Computers
• Navigating the End-of-Life Maze in America
• Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Trip
• Photography Field Trips
• Social Media Apps for You – Using Facebook and Pinterest
• Spy Movies and Comedies: An Affectionate Review of Two Enduring Film Genres
• What in the World?!? An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• Theodor Geisel and the World of Dr. Seuss
• Two Important English Composers: Elgar and Vaughan Williams
• Iowa Small Town: History, Images, Rural Connection
• Classics of American Literature – Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
• Superman, Charlie Brown, and You! A History of Comics in America
• Iowa Nutrient Removal Strategy – The Squaw Creek Model
• Idea of a University
• History, Law, and Justice: The Background of To Kill a Mockingbird
• History of Iowa Stoneware In Central Iowa
• Great War and Modern Memory
• Gentle Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Meditation
• Four Easy Pieces: Putting the Climate Puzzle Together
• Cosmic Rays, Lightning, Carbon-14 Dating and LHC
• Birth of a Nation: Racist Masterpiece?
• Big Green Machines – John Deere Engine Works and Tractor Cab Assembly Operations Tours in Waterloo, Iowa
• Beginning Texas Hold'em
• Beer 101
• Wine 101
• Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement

Winter 2016
• Four Famous Widows: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, and Ethel Skakel Kennedy
• On Languages
• Functions of the Human Brain
• Pandemics and Disease Transmission
• Home Computer Security
• Geology in the News
• The Nature, Treatment, and Transmission of Information
• Understanding Global Climate Change
• In Cold Blood - Fifty Years Later
• Lifelong Learning Online - Anytime, Anywhere
• If you Have to Grow Up, it Might as well be in a Small Town
• "True" Culture Comes to Iowa
• Social Media Apps for You - Using Facebook and Pinterest

Spring 2016
• Human Genetics
• Human Evolution
• Golden Age of American Musicals: the Stories, Singers, and Dancers
• A History of Des Moines Bottlers, Breweries, Druggists and Their Bottles
• Watercolor Techniques
• Watercolor Techniques
• Protein Options for Vegetarians
• All about Tea
• Fermented Foods and Beverages
• Learning Your iPad, Section A
• Death at a Nebraska Waterhole 12 Million Years Ago
• World War II - Untold Military Biographies
• The Third Option: CIA Covert Action Operations from the End of World War II to the Fall of Saigon
• My Granddaughter Can Color Better Than That! A Survey of Modern Art Movements
• My Granddaughter Can Color Better Than That! A Survey of Modern Art Movements - OLLI ONLINE
• Music of the Great Depression, Big Band and WWII eras
• Election 2016
• Music Behind the Scenes
• Gettysburg
• Learning Your iPad, Section B
• Is Who You Are Now What You Were Then? The UP Series--a film discussion group
• Land Ethic - The Heart and Soul of Leopold
• Communicating Science
• European Art, History and Culture in the 20th Century Culture
• Pickle Ball
• Photography Field Trips
• Creative Nonfiction: The Art of Writing Your Life
• What in the World?!?
• Candidates, Courts, and Common Good
• Creating Successful and Long-Lived Landscapes
• Disc Golf
• Where the Boots Hit the Ground: Tour of ISU Research Farms
• Wood Carving: Beginners and Beyond
• Day Trip to Ankeny--John Deere Factory and the DMACC Bistro
• Day Trip to the Science Center of Iowa

Fall 2016
• Beautiful, Simple and Profound: Final Development and Testing of General Relativity
• Four Easy Pieces: Putting the Climate Puzzle Together
• The Hollow Crown
• First Folio: The Story Behind the Book that Gave Us Shakespeare
• A Rose by any other Name …
• Mysteries Solved by DNA
• Preserving Family Memories: Photo Preservation and Digitization
• Medical Experiences in Third-world Countries
• What in the World?!? An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• Volleyball with ISU Women's Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch
• Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan England
• Iowans of the Mighty Eighth
• What's the Buzz about Bees?
• More About Water
• Pinterest
• Pickleball
• Write with Your Movie-Mind, Fire Up Your Prose and Poetry
• Grammar Rules: Being Confident in All Your Communication!
• Learning Mac Computers, Section A
• Beatrix Potter: Much More than Peter Rabbit
• Race in America
• Gardening Ideas from Master Gardeners
• Memory in Postwar Europe (WWII)
• History of the People's Republic of China
• The Health Care Advance Directive: A Blueprint for Medical Decision Making
• Minarets and Arabesques: Understanding Islam through the Arts
• Minarets and Arabesques: Understanding Islam through the Arts - OLLI ONLINE
• Letters from the Attic
• The Top 20 Movie Directors of the Past 50 Years
• Learning Mac Computers, Section B
• American Surrender of the Philippines - WWII
• The French Enlightenment
• What's New in Engineering?
• Making Connections through Facebook
• OLLI Choir: For Mixed Voices (SATB)
• Art in Engineering
• Day Trip to the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
• Day Trip to Explore Agriculture and Iowa's Changing Landscape

Winter 2017
• Changing Factors in Electrical Power, an Update
• What's in the News? Geology
• Functions of the Brain: The Healthy Brain
• Using a Windows PC: Beyond the Basics
• Understanding Global Climate Change
• Mathematics of Social Choice
• Over There: The United States in the Great War
• Big History: A Multi-Disciplinary Study of Our Universe
• Home Computer Security
• Humor: Its Roots and Variety
• Writing for Children
• Watercolor Workshop

Spring 2017

• Maximize Your iPhone Usage and Enjoyment
• Home Remedies
• What's New at the ISU Research Park
• Listening to Music Beyond the Sound
• Great Decisions 2017
• Ames Business and School Visits  
• Learning Your iPad, Section A
• The Science and Art of Fishing
• Norman Rockwell — More Than the Saturday Evening Post Covers
• Creative Nonfiction – Writing about People, Places, Events
• ISU Volleyball – Below the Surface
• Preserving Family Memories: Photo Preservation and Digitization
• Yellowstone Supervolcano – Past and Future Impact
• Yellowstone Supervolcano – Past and Future Impact OLLI ONLINE
• Illegals – Russian Spies Next Door Posing as Your Neighbors
• Illegals – Russian Spies Next Door Posing as Your Neighbors OLLI ONLINE
• Medical Tips for Retirees
• Learning Your iPad, Section B
• Over Here: The Great War and the Transformation of American Society
• Globalization: Understanding the World We Live In
• Watercolor: A Look at the Medium in Action
• Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
• An Introduction to Humanism
• Cell Phone Camera Photography Field Trips
• dSLR Camera Photography Field Trips
• Select Constitutional Questions
• The Chicago Cubs: Their First 141 Years
• What in the World?!? An Examination of World Events as They Happen
• Surveying for Civilians
• Introduction to Kayaking Workshop
• Bioprocessing in Eddyville, Iowa
• Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Libraries and Museums Overnight Tour





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