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Benefits Office

Information regarding medical plans at the ISU Benefits website is broken do
wn into two sections—Retirees which includes medical, life insurance, Medicare, and social security; and Retirement Informationwhich includes retirement resources.
Email services

Exchange mail service is available for Emeritus faculty and needs to be updated annually.

Emeritus faculty must renew their Net-ID account annually for it to remain active. A Notice of Renewal email is sent to emeritus faculty Net-ID accounts on July 1, August 1, September 1, and the first Tuesday of October. Emeritus faculty can renew anytime between July 1 and the first Tuesday of October each year. Emeritus faculty who receive the notice of renewal should follow the steps below to keep their Net-ID account active:

1.    Log into ASW with your Net-ID and password.
2.    Click "Manage Sponsored Net-IDs".
3.    Click "Extend Account Expiration (Emeritus Only)".
4.    Click "Renew".

ISU Retirees Photo ID Card

All ISU retirees and spouses are entitled to receive an ISU Photo ID card.   For information on getting a free ISU Retiree photo ID, visit or call the ISUCard Office at (515) 294-2727.  The ISU Retirees Photo ID Card can be used to access services at Parks Library, University Recreation Services and the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center                     


Your ISU Photo Retiree card entitles you to checkout privileges at Parks Library. Privileges may vary by classification (faculty, P&S or Merit)

ISU Retiree Parking Options

You may purchase a permit (general staff or medical) for the rest of the year.  It is prorated and the first of every month.  You need to stop by the Parking Division's front counter at 27 Armory.  Permits are no longer available online.

You may ride CyRide, the Orange Route bus from the Iowa State Center free of charge and get dropped off near your campus destination.

You may purchase a general staff daily parking permit for $2.00/day. These would be scratch permits you could keep in your car and scratch the day you come to campus. These are available at 27 Armory (limit of 10 per each request).

You may pay at any of the meters or prepay parking lots on campus.

If you only come to campus occasionally you may stop at 27 Armory or the information booth on University Boulevard near Jack Trice Stadium and pick up a free visitor permit. These must be picked up the day you would like to use it.

Recreational Facilities

ISU retirees and their spouses are eligible to join Recreation Services and use our facilities and programs.  Present a current ISU ID card for verification of eligibility.  There are several indoor and outdoor state of the art recreational facilities available to ISU Retirees.  Detailed information is available on the ISU website under Recreational Services. The current recreational fee schedule is:

1. Yearly fee $325 ($403 beginning FY 2014),
2.  $130 for a semester (Fall or Spring) pass ($161 beginning FY 2014)
3.  $66 for summer ($81 beginning FY 2014)

There are other fees associated with locker rental but that is an option rather than a required fee.  The ISU Stable Run Disc course is free of charge for retirees use.  Free parking is available while using the Disc Golf course in the associated parking lot on 13th street.

University Book Store 

The University Book Store offers a "Reader’s Edge" punch card which allows you $10 off your 10th book after you have purchased 9 general books (this offer is not valid on sale or discounted items.)  Your eligibility for educational pricing on computer systems and software can be determined through Tech CYte at the University Book Store.

ISU Cemetery

Iowa State University has maintained a university cemetery since 1876. The cemetery is located on approximately 2 acres of land on the northwest corner of the Central Campus. The cemetery is one of the few active cemeteries associated with a university campus.

Those persons who have served the university continuously for a period of at least 20 years and who have attained the rank of Tenured Assistant Professor or higher, or equivalent non-academic rank with Professional and Scientific classification of P19 or P20, are eligible for burial in the cemetery, along with their spouse and any unmarried children who have not established a home of their own.

Space in the University Cemetery is assigned at the time of need.  The exception would be if you have made arrangements to be buried along side a spouse who has already been interred in the cemetery.  There is a space limitation for casket burial at this time (as opposed to cremain urns), but there is ongoing discussion about cemetery expansion.  Please visit the ISU Cemetery website to obtain additional information concerning fees, regulations, etc.  You may also call a cemetery coordinator at 515-294-7071.


Retirees may continue research and other academic activities if supported by the academic unit responsible.

Emeriti faculty can request continuous listing in web ISU directory by sending a request to



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