Iowa State University Alumni Association

Board of Directors (Members)


The ISURA is an official university committee whose members are appointed to represent each college, the University Library, Extension, the Merit staff, the Professional and Scientific staff, and the University Benefits Committee. A Faculty Senate representative and the Iowa State University Retirees Newsletter editor are also members of the committee. Staff members of the ISU Alumni Association and a representative from university administration are ex-officio members of the committee.

Meet the members who represent ISU's
retirees on the Board of Directors:

Clyde K. "Skip" Walter (Business)—chair
Pat Pendry (Merit)—vice-chair
Kathy Jones (P&S)—secretary

Lesley Hawkins (Merit)
Gayle Huey (Human Sci)
F. Wayne Klaiber (Eng)
Jim Kliebenstein (Ag and Life Sci)
Lee Fletcher (LAS)
Gary Osweiler (Vet Med)
Bev Peters (Extension)
Diana Shonrock (Library)
Carol Thorson (Merit)
Carl Vondra (LAS)
Lois Warme (Design)
Max Porter—Faculty Senate
Dianne Borgen—Newsletter Editor
Sedahlia Crase—OLLI at ISU Liaison
Janet Padgitt—University Benefits liaison
Clyde K. “Skip” Walter—University Benefits liaison

Ex Officio
Stephanie Downs—University Wellness
Jerilyn Logue—ISU Retirees program manager
Angie Schaper—ISU Retirees program assistant
Jerilyn Rasmusson—ISU Benefits


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