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The ISU Extension Service has many publications that will be of assistance to retirees in maintaining a healthy, productive lifestyle. These are available from the Extension Online Store, many at no cost. Here are a few suggestions of where to get started in collecting information for your retirement.

Extension Online Store

Food and Nutrition Publications – Older Adults
Examples of some helpful materials you will find on this website:

  • Food Assistance: Helping Iowans Stay Healthy
  • MyPlate for Older Adults (Unit=50)
  • Food Safety Considerations When Choosing Assisted Living Facilities

Community Economic Development --> Consumer and Financial Management
These publications and several others may be of value to you in retirement:

  • Considering Early Retirement Options -- Retirement: Secure Your Dreams
  • Decisions at the Time of Retirement -- Retirement: Secure Your Dreams
  • Estate Planning -- Money Mechanics
  • Estimating Your Retirement Expenses -- Retirement: Secure Your Dreams

Home and Family – Older Adults
Sample publications that deal with older adults and their needs:

  • A Guide for Substitute Decision Making in Iowa -- Department of Elder Affairs
  • Caregiving Relationships: Conversations on Aging
  • Loss and Grief in Later Life

Food, Nutrition and Health --> Fitness
Examples of helpful materials for living a healthy retired life:

  • Be Active, Be Fit
  • Eat to Compete: What You Should Know About Dietary Supplements...
  • Walk Your Way to Fitness

Healthiest Ames
The Healthiest Ames organization promotes initiatives that will make Ames the healthiest community in Iowa. You can learn more about its programs and activities, get involved, and help promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself and other ISU Retirees.



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