Iowa State University Alumni Association


The Society of the ISU Alumni Band was formally chartered in 2006 at the ISU Alumni Association's annual spring recognition luncheon.

Article I – Name
The name of this organization shall be The Society of the ISU Alumni Band.

Article II – Purposes
The Alumni Band is a project of the Band Alums, the Department of Music, and the ISU Alumni Association. It is organized and operated for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and the benefit of the ISU Band Program.

Article III – Membership
Membership in the Alumni Band is open to all alumni of any Iowa State Band. Individuals do not need to have graduated from Iowa State to be eligible

Article IV – Executive Board
The governing body of the Alumni Band will be the Executive Board. Board membership will consist of:

1. All elected and appointed officers
2. The ISU Band Directors (or designates)

All members of the Executive Board will have full rights to introduce motions and to vote.

Article V – Officers
Immediate Past President
Newsletter Editor(s)
Public Relations Specialists (two)
Directors-At-Large (six)
Special Projects Coordinators (appointed as required)

Duties of Officers:

President: The President shall be the executive director of the Alumni Band and the Executive Board and as much shall chair all meetings, conduct the annual business meeting, sign for the organization, and appoint committees as needed.

President-Elect: The President-Elect shall conduct all meetings in the absence of the President, chair the nominating committee, and carry out other duties as assigned.

Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall advise and consult with the President and other board members, serve on the Nominating Committee, and carry out other duties as assigned.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep minutes at all meetings, distribute them to all members of the Executive Board as soon as possible, carry out correspondence, and complete other duties as assigned.

Newsletter Editor(s): The Newsletter Editor(s) shall chronicle the meetings and appearances of the Alumni Band so that members unable to attend may be apprised of the events. The Editor(s) shall coordinate with the Music Department and the Executive Board in publishing the annual newsletter, and carry out other duties as assigned.

Public Relations Specialists (2): The two Public Relations Specialists shall propose and execute public campaigns as appropriate to make the public aware of the good works (and good times) of the Alumni Band and shall carry out other duties as assigned.

Directors-At-Large (6): The six Directors-At-Large shall advise and consult as part of the Executive Board at all meetings and shall carry out other duties as assigned.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall maintain financial records of all income and expenses, prepare reports for each major event and distribute reports in a timely manner to the Executive Board, and carry out other duties as assigned.

Appointed Officers: Appointed Officers, such as Special Projects Coordinators, shall serve at the discretion of the President and shall carry out special projects as assigned.

Article VI – Term of Office
The President-Elect shall serve one year in that office before becoming President during the second year and Immediate Past President during the third year.

The Directors-At-Large shall serve a two-year term, three of the six being elected annually.

All other officers shall serve a one-year term. Any officer except those in the presidential succession rotation may be re-elected.

Article VII – Election of Officers
All officers will be elected at the regular business meeting on Homecoming Day by a majority vote of those present and voting. All terms of office will commence at the after game meeting on election day with the outgoing President presenting the gavel to the new President. The first order of business will be designated as orientation for incoming officers

Article VIII – Committee
The following committees shall be considered Standing Committees of the organization: Nominating Committee – This committee shall consist of the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, and one second year Director-At-Large to be appointed by the President. They will present a list of nominees for all open offices no later than the evening prior to the election, giving that list as much publicity as possible. The President may appoint such ad hoc committees as is felt necessary to complete goals.

Article IX – Adoption and Amendment of Constitution
Adoption and/or amendment of the bylaws shall be by majority vote of those present and voting at the regular annual business meeting on Homecoming Day. The subject matter for the vote must have been published previously in the annual newsletter. Bylaws or Amendments approved shall become effective immediately.

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