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March 2016

Greek Alumni Alliance

March 24, 2016

Save the Date:
GAA Pre-Vespers Celebration

April 3
4:30-5:30 p.m.
The Café at CY Stephens

All Presidents, Alumni Relations Chairs, GAA members, House Corporation, Chapter Advisors and House Directors are invited to attend the celebration!

A Growing Community:
Fall 2015 Recruitment

738 women joined through CPC Primary Recruitment 818 sorority new members
718 fraternity new members

GAA Homecoming Reception

The inaugural Greek Alumni Alliance-sponsored alumni reception was held in conjunction with Homecoming activities on Friday evening, Oct. 30, at the ISU Alumni Center.

Attended by more than 100 Greek alumni representing many of our chapters from a variety of graduation years, it was an excellent opportunity to connect with friends from the past as well as meet new fellow Greek alums. 

Three current Greek-affiliated students organized and planned this past fall’s event: Kasey Haars (Alpha Gamma Delta), Adelai Swanson (Alpha Delta Pi), and David Drendel (Farmhouse). They did an exemplary job! Please thank them if you have the occasion.

All those attending had a terrific time and are anxious to return to this year’s event, which will be held at Homecoming on Friday evening, Oct. 28. Please mark your calendars!

Greek Leadership Retreat

From the Office of Greek Affairs: Thank you to the Greek Alumni Alliance for sponsoring the Greek Leadership Retreat this year. Our team really appreciates everything that GAA does for us. Thanks again!

Awards Won at 2016 Conference

Awards won by ISU at the Annual Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Central/
National Black Greek Leadership Conference
February 4-7 2016

a.    2016 Interfraternity Council Jellison Award for outstanding achievement in:

i.    Academic Achievement
ii.    Council Management
iii.    Leadership & Education Development
iv.    Membership Recruitment
v.    Community Service & Philanthropy
vi.    Self- Governance & Judicial Affairs

b.    2016 Panhellenic Council Southerland Award for outstanding achievement in :

i.    Academic Achievement
ii.    Council Management
iii.    Leadership & Education Development
iv.    Membership Recruitment
v.    Community Service & Philanthropy
vi.    Self- Governance & Judicial Affairs

c.    2016 Pinnacle Award for Strategic Growth
d.    2016 Michael A. McRee Fraternal Values Award

Bev Madden reflects on years of support to the Iowa State University Greek System

During halftime of a recent Iowa State men’s basketball game at Hilton Coliseum, longtime ISU Vice President of Business and Finance Warren Madden was recognized by President Steven Leath upon the announcement of his planned June 30, 2016 retirement as a top administrator at Iowa State for more than 50 years. As President Leath has stated, “Warren is an Iowa State institution and a pillar of the Ames community.”

However, this article is not about Warren Madden. It is about his wife, Beverly, who stood next to Warren at center court just a few weeks ago. Bev has not only stood next to Warren since they were both Iowa State undergraduate students in the late 1950s, she has created her own very distinguished career in Ames and at ISU. And many of those involved with fraternities and sororities at Iowa State would say that, like her husband, Bev has been that “pillar” within the ISU Greek Community.

Bev joined Alpha Delta Pi sorority as a sophomore at Iowa State after transferring in 1958 from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.  She served as the ADPi Chapter treasurer both her junior and senior years at Iowa State, while also becoming one of the first members of the ISU Honors Program in the Home Economics College, participating in synchronized swimming with other ADPi sisters, and playing in the ISU concert band.

In 1960 she began her graduate work at Iowa State in home management. She and Warren were married that year, and together they lived in the Home Management House on campus, where Bev was the resident instructor for 32 live-in undergraduate women. Warren, who once joked that “someday I will write a book about the first 32 women I lived with,” was busy finishing his engineering degree. Although this living and learning community did not officially qualify as a sorority, there is no question that Bev’s Alpha Delta Pi experience and Warren’s membership in the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Iowa State made them perfect house parents.

Warren and Bev moved away from Ames briefly from 1961 through 1966, but returned to Iowa State in 1967, when Warren was hired as ISU’s Budget Officer. This marked the beginning of Bev Madden’s continuous involvement as a volunteer alumni leader within Iowa State’s nationally recognized fraternity and sorority system. This year marked Bev’s own personal 50th anniversary of serving the Iowa State Greek System……definitely worthy of “center court” recognition!

"Some of the most enjoyable aspects of being an ADPi alum are the long-time friendships that are developed," Bev says. "When we first moved back to Ames in 1966, we lived a couple of blocks from the the chapter house.”  She quickly agreed to serve as the Chapter Financial Advisor, which was a position that she held for 25 of the next 33 years. She has also served as the ADPi Building Corporation President for more than 35 years.

For those Greek System alumni who believe that Bev could only be involved in the alumni leadership of her house because “she must have had lots of free time,” don’t kid yourself.  During these years, Bev not only raised two boys (Walt and Bill), who also both graduated from Iowa State, she was successful in her own full-time professional career at Iowa State. She was an instructor in the Department of Food and Nutrition in the 1970s. She then became an Assistant Professor and ultimately an Associate Professor, where she concurrently served as Director of the ISU Career Planning and Placement Services. She held these positions at Iowa State in addition to serving as the Provost’s Liaison to Academic Advising until she “retired” in 2004. During those years Bev also served the greater Ames community on the United Way Board of Directors and the Board of Youth and Shelter Services, and she also represented Iowa State on numerous other professional organizations. No question about it, Bev Madden is a multi-tasker!

Bev’s idea of “retirement” is different than most people's. After giving up her paid job in 2004, she maintained her very active involvement with Alpha Delta Pi and the rest of the ISU Greek System. Bev points with pride to her involvement in the formation of the Greek Alumni Alliance at Iowa State. She was a member of the GAA’s executive committee for almost 10 years, serving both as Vice-President and as Treasurer for several years each. She also spearheaded the GAA’s efforts to work with individual fraternity and sorority chapters, Iowa State University, and the City of Ames to create the Greek Triangle. This collaboration not only showed the power of the Greek Alumni Alliance to raise money and coordinate a major project for the entire Greek Community’s benefit, it solved a major “couch burning” issue that had plagued the City of Ames for several years.

She remembers the difficult times that the Greek System was experiencing in the early 2000s in recruiting new members and keeping chapter houses full. Bev points to an early letter sent to ISU Greek Community alumni which stated “The ISU Greek Alumni Alliance, formed in January 2004, provides assistance to the ISU Greek Community by inviting alumni, particularly housing corporation boards from all ISU fraternities and sororities, to work together on problems such as recruitment, lobbying (with both ISU and local government), public relations, infrastructure, and marketing.”

She recalls that in the early years of the Greek Alumni Alliance, the focus was on the undergraduate members of the Greek Community and on housing corporation challenges. Now she agrees that the system is much stronger, and that the focus of the GAA should be evolving to better communicate with the alumni of Greek houses.  She agrees that more alumni members of ISU fraternities and sororities need to step up and give back as advisors and mentors to keep Iowa State’s Greek Community and its individual chapters strong. When asked if she had any thoughts on the importance of adult alumni involvement in undergraduate Greek System success, Bev said: “It is absolutely essential.”

Bev was involved as recently as two years ago in helping orchestrate the Greek Alumni Alliance’s transition from operating as an affiliate of the Office of Greek Affairs to functioning as an organizational sub-unit of the ISU Alumni Association. Of the relationship, Bev states: “Alumni support for the Greek community is absolutely essential...Greek Affairs’ focus is on student involvement; the Alumni Association will focus on Greek member involvement after graduation.”

When asked “what do you see as the future of the Greek System at Iowa State?” Bev responded: “Very promising.”

If we can find more “pillars” like Bev Madden, Iowa State and our Greek Community will remain strong.

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