Iowa State University Alumni Association

2017 Graduation Checklist

Congratulations, graduate! Check out the following ideas to help you transition from student to alum:

  • Join the Iowa State University Alumni Association. Membership is a lifetime link for students and alumni, and you will receive many personal benefits in return. A New Grad membership is only $30!
    • Life membership discounts:
      **Apply your past SAA memberships toward a life membership ($100 max, $20/year in SAA). Only valid during graduation year.
      **Apply past New Grad memberships toward a life membership ($150 max, $30/year of membership)

  • Join to be a Student Life Member at a discounted rate! ($640 for a single membership -- a 42% savings over our normal rate.) Only valid through the commencement reception of your graduation year.
  • Looking for a job? Members of the Alumni Association can look up Iowa State connections in the online directory, search job opportunities in the Career Center, get resumes critiqued for free, and find out about career and networking events.
  • Continue the tradition with an ISU Ring. A great tradition has returned to ISU. Elements from past rings have been incorporated with new icons to create a ring design that symbolically captures the uniqueness of ISU.


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