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VISIONS magazine

VISIONS is the official alumni
magazine of Iowa State University

Published quarterly, the magazine’s long-stated goals are:

  • To inform, educate, stimulate, and entertain readers
  • To promote the tradition and vision of Iowa State University
  • To characterize life at ISU and its alumni
  • To keep alumni connected to Iowa State University
  • To enhance the image and perception of Iowa State University and the Alumni Association
  • To provide a tangible benefit of membership in the ISU Alumni Association

And here’s something to which we aspire:
“The pages of VISIONS magazine should sing with the spirit and values of Iowa State University in such a way that friends are reminded of their experiences here and strangers feel as though they know us well.”

It is a trusted source of news and views for alumni and friends of Iowa State University. Our readers say VISIONS is a major reason why they joined the ISU Alumni Association, and here's why:
  • Readers have told us they like and enjoy VISIONS overall and compare it very favorably to other magazines.
  • Readers view VISIONS' photography, design, and quality of writing to be outstanding.
  • More than one-third of our readers say they have clipped an article or photo they loved in VISIONS magazine.
  • They depend on and trust VISIONS as a fair and unbiased source of information.
  • VISIONS makes readers proud to be ISU graduates.

Discover the benefits of receiving VISIONS magazine by joining the ISU Alumni Association! VISIONS is mailed only to members of the ISU Alumni Association and is produced four times per year.

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If you have questions or want more information about VISIONS magazine, contact Carole Gieseke at the ISU Alumni Association.

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