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Fall 2017

Pete's Feat
Pete Kostelnick's 3,067-mile journey to break a 36-year record for the fastest run across America

Inspiring Lives: The 2017 Faculty-Staff Inspiration Awards
Inspiration is all around us -- but the impact of the professors and mentors we meet during our college years leave an indelible imprint on our lives

The (big) sky's the limit
A peek inside life at the new French Conservation Camp

In one sitting: Faces of Iowa State
Rose Frantzen's paintings capture a rare human connection

A dark night in Hanoi
A chance encounter between two Iowans changes the course of many lives

Top of his game
Allen Lazard is poised to break Cyclone receiving records this fall

Summer 2017

Connecting with kids
Creating a new generation of Cyclones through early awareness, fan involvement, academic outreach, family connections, and a reintroduction of the LegaCY Club.


Spring 2017

How to feed a hungry planet
As the world's population increases, Iowa State is poised to help solve the complex issues of global hunger

Career calling
Legendary point guard Monte Morris reflects on a long career that has enriched him and his university



Winter 2017

Hello, 2017
Another year, another record-breaking student enrollment. And now, a historic fundraising campaign, changes all across campus, and a new strategic plan. Welcome to Iowa State University in 2017.

The Hall-of-Famer
Twenty years after rocking the college football universe, Troy Davis receives his national due



Fall 2016

Three billion years
Before the prairie, before the pioneers, before the present-day state of Iowa even existed, exactly what happened here? A look at deep time in the heartland

Greetings from Lake LaVerne
Stories from alumni and friends on the occasion of Lake LaVerne's 100th birthday
PLUS: Bonus Web content

Science Bound
A program committed to Iowa's ethnically diverse students celebrates 25 years

Making the right play
New Cyclone football coach Matt Campbell says Iowa State is his perfect match




Summer 2016

Cyclone Strong in Iowa
Meet five alumni who are making their marks on our favorite state

One man's campus
Through 50 years and five university presidents, Warren Madden has been a stable and continuous presence at Iowa State

The incredible journey of Goran Micevic
A fateful encounter with an Iowa State professor's textbook changes a war-weary young man's life

Bloom where you are planted
After 20 years, Reiman Gardens announces a new 20-year master plan



Spring 2016

Diversity on campus: It's not just black and white
Open conversations and real-life voices on an increasingly diverse campus

Robert Bullard: 26 miles toward justice
The "Father of Environmental Justice" reflects on his Iowa State roots and grows toward the future

Adam Wright: Advocates in all fields
An ISU graduate student writes about food and sustainable agriculture

Meant to be a Cyclone
Freshman All-American running back Mike Warren didn't find home stability at Iowa State -- it found him.


Winter 2016

Here's to Hilton Magic!
It's stuff of college basketball lore, and it's a bona fide tradition at Iowa State.

Full Circle
A chance meeting on campus allowed Amy Popillion to reconnect with the mentor who changed her life

The Yin and Yang of an Iowan's Career in China
Polly Murphy's career has taken her -- with her husband and sons -- to Beijing



Fall 2015

An Extraordinary Gift
A gift from Lora and Russ Talbot creates first-in-the-nation endowed alumni position

A Philanthropic Journey
The story of Lora and Russ Talbot is a classic success story about the attraction of Iowa State -- not only to students and alumni by also to friends of the university

Leo's Boy
Meet Jeff Johnson, the first holder of the Lora and Russ Talbot Iowa State University Alumni Association Endowed President and CEO position

Where the Heart Is
This is a story about a man who woke up one day as Jamie Pollard, the well-known ISU athletics director, and through the course of that day became Jamie Pollard, a human being with a broken heart

Coming Together
Among the past decade's $160 million of athletics facility projects, the completion of the Jack Trice Stadium South Endzone expansion is the most ambitious and talked-about yet


Summer 2015

The Science of Weather
ISU meteorology faculty researchers and graduates answer our questions about weather and climate



Spring 2015

City Farmers
How far does your food travel? For urban agriculturists, it may be blocks instead of miles

Outside of the Box
ISU student Olivia Meyer is a national boxing champion

Throwing Like a Girl
Cyclone Christina Hillman carves out her own space in the world of women's shot put




Winter 2015

Bold Vision
With record-shattering enrollment, crucial faculty hires, the opening of several brand-new academic and research buildings, and an unprecedented economic impact on the state of Iowa, it is, as ISU President Steven Leath says, "an exciting time to be at Iowa State."

Campus Baby
Baby Ned came to the home management house as so many had come before him: as an infant from a Des Moines orphanage

Great Expectations
Cyclone forward Dustin Hogue enters his senior year with more to prove




Fall 2014

Ames, Iowa: The city we call home
All Iowa State alumni have two things in common: attending ISU and spending time in Ames. Iowa. Right? Ames was as big a part of many students' experiences as the university itself.

The wit & delight of Kate Arends
Blogger and Pinterest style curator launches a new boutique brand and design studio

Scott Braucht: Out of darkness and into light
Scott Braucht was in the prime of his career, but inside he was struggling with a dark secret. A new book chronicles his experience.




Summer 2014

The 1940s: Iowa State and a world at war
The decade of the 1940s changed the United States and transformed the world. Not surprisingly, these years saw Iowa State College (as ISU was then known) undergo a metamorphosis as well.








Spring 2014

VISIONS Across America
Read stories from this special issue and learn more on the VISIONS Across America website








Winter 2014

Masters of creativity
Showcasing the work of students and recent graduates in Iowa State's Creative Writing and Environment and Integrated Visual Arts MFA programs

Mick Guttau: Grow where you are planted
Mick Guttau's community-focused bank has become much more than a financial institution

Carrying on
After wrestling through the toughest season of his life, Cyclone Kyven Gadson enters 2014 inspired by his Dad's legacy




Fall 2013

An Iowa State bond from birth
Even though Angela Glosser knew her grandfather would not be able to attend her graduation, she knew he would be there in spirit.

'A strong group of student leaders'
Student Alumni Leadership Council celebrates 40 years







Summer 2013

Nine lives
How nine Iowa State professors are mixing it up in and out of the classroom

The Greatest Decade
How one man -- and one little train -- transformed Iowa State University

Preparing next-generation ag engineers
An ISU associate professor conducts pioneering research on harvesting and biomass




Spring 2013

Cooking up careers
Meet five ISU alumni who've cooked up culinary careers...but not necessarily in the kitchen

Gathering momentum for 'Moving Students Forward'
Learn about the five-year fundraising initiative launched by ISU President Steven Leath to raise $150 million for scholarships and student support

Cyclone Sports Complex
New facility gives three ISU teams a sharper competitive edge




Winter 2013

Acting Bug
Brendan Dunphy is an actor. And an entomologist. And a producer of eclectic Irish plays. People keep telling him to move to Hollywood, but he stays stubbornly rooted in Iowa. So what makes him tick?

"We must be bold"
The installation of President Steven Leath

Understanding biomolecules
The Initiative in Biomolecular Structure will enable Iowa State to become a leader in this highly specialized field

Planet Hoops
Meet Melvin Ejim: a man with three countries who is seeing the world through basketball



Fall 2012

A Cytennial Homecoming Celebration
A look back at and toward the future of a 100-year-old Iowa State University tradition

Jennifer Wilson left behind a comfortable life in Des Moines, Iowa, and took her family to live in her homeland of Croatia

How high can he fly?
A love of aviation that started when Mark Maloney was just a kid has had the chance to take off and soar at Iowa State University

Getting to know you
ISU welcomes TCU and West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference


Summer 2012

How Iowa State's College of Veterinary Medicine got its groove back
ISU's veterinary medical center is like a Mayo Clinic for animals

'Do something extraordinary'
Paul von Zielbauer pairs adventure with volunteerism

Going the Distance
Iowa State's women's distance runners are among the nation's best





Spring 2012

Iowa State's new president is a real land-grant guy
A conversation with Iowa State's 15th president

Life on the IT frontier
An ISU alum is CIO of the U.S. government








Winter 2012

Iowa State University: Making Life Better in Iowa
Iowa State University is making life better for Iowans









Fall 2011

Defining a Decade
The presidency of Gregory L. Geoffroy

Campaign Iowa State
One university-changing campaign

Button, Button
In celebration of a Homecoming tradition

Building up
New conference revenues pave the way for athletics facilities





Summer 2011

A Military Duty
Profiles of Iowa State veterans and GI memories, plus service to current student veterans

Beautiful Music
Iowa State's organ is a hidden gem

'There's This Big, Fabulous World Out There'
Architects Jon Pickard and William Chilton have designed some of the world's most recognizable buildings

When Kurt Met Kristyn
A match that wasn't necessarily made at ISU





Spring 2011

Welcome to the Real World
Essays written by young alumni

Remembering Jim Hopson
A look at the life of the ISU Alumni Association's seventh executive director








Winter 2011

The Fred Factor
For those who know and love "The Mayor," nothing has ever felt so right.

Coming Out From Under the Desk
2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling believes good teachers are grown, not born.

The Accidental President
William Penn President Ann M. Fields got a late start -- but a happy ending -- in higher education.





Fall 2010

Iowa State University: A 2010 Census
Updates on the campus, the faculty, the student body, the university's Live Green! initiative, the Library, Honors Program, Greek community, housing and dining, and ISU more fun features!








Summer 2010

Rock the Runway
Iowa State's apparel, merchandise, and design program is in the spotlight

Clearing the hurdles
Tom Hill earned a place in history at the 1972 Olympics

Hard beauty
Alumni artist Lee Rainboth in Haiti

The man behind the monsters
Meet DreamWorks Animation's Terran Boylan





Spring 2010

What I want to be when I grow up
ISU alumni show that, with an Iowa State degree, you can become anything you want to be: doctor, lawyer, teacher, veterinarian, race car driver, astronaut, firefighter, rock star, professional athlete -- even a clown.

Stone Soup
Judith Brandlin is a ray of hope on southern California's mean streets.

Icing on the cake
For interior designer Deeia Topp, helping students study abroad just feels good.





Winter 2010

A powerful story retold
A new Jack Trice sculpture reignites interest in former football player's legacy

Meet the deans
What are their back stories? What are they passionate about? What's new in the colleges?

Good breeding
Cat breeder Donna Fuller has the heart of a champion.





Fall 2009

Entrepreneurship 101
Entrepreneurs thrive on creating jobs they love. Meet alumni who are making it happen, find out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and learn what resources Iowa State offers for students and alumni who dream about starting their own businesses

Are you ready for some football?
Gameday is about more than just the game.






Summer 2009

The chimps of Fongoli
Groundbreaking research by ISU primatologist Jill Pruetz is helping scientists better understand human evolution

Ten years after
The first class of Hixson Opportunity Award students graduated 10 years ago, but their gratitude toward their benefactor has not diminished.

Alumni Days 2009
Browse through our Alumni Days photo gallery




Spring 2009

Essays and images of true love found at Iowa State

Recovery shot
Tyler Swanson has never shied away from a challenge, including the biggest of his life

Childhood revisited
ISU art professor Chuck Richards has tapped into fertile memories of both childhood and fatherhood to create a rollicking new children's book




Winter 2009

Welcome Home
In this commemorative issue, VISIONS officially introduces the new ISU Alumni Center: the project history, dedication ceremony, architectural design, elements of tradition and symbolism, art and artists, project donors, and a floor-by-floor tour. Welcome to your new home on the ISU campus!

The Reiman Way
Roy and Bobbi Reiman built a publishing empire -- and a life -- together.






Fall 2008Fall 2008

Zoo U
Talk about a wild life! These six Iowa Staters spend their days working with sharks, bears, and turtles -- oh, my!

Images of Iowa State artists who were selected to participate in the Emerging Iowa Artists Program at the 2008 Des Moines Arts Festival






Summer 2008Summer 2008

Change the world
Making the world a better place is something that seems to come naturally for Iowa Staters. Read about them and about some of Iowa State's current initiatives that are making a difference in such diverse areas as health care, climate change, international security, and human rights.

150 contributions
How has Iowa State changed the world in 150 years?

Soggy end to a yearlong party
The campus community gathered one last time to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Iowa State.



Spring 2008Spring 2008

Help us celebrate 20 years of VISIONS magazine!

Excerpts from the sesquicentennial oral history project

Iowa State and the bioeconomy
Biorenewables research is a hot topic on today's campus, thanks to the creation of a Bioeconomy Institute -- and soon-to-be-constructed Biorenewables Laboratory Building and New Century Farm




Winter 2008Winter 2008

Campaign Iowa State: With Pride and Purpose
Iowa State launches its largest fundraising campaign ever. How will it impact the future of the university?

150 years of philanthropy
A history of giving at Iowa State

First in the nation
It's Caucus Season, and the spotlight is on the state of Iowa.






Fall 2007Fall 2007

Romancing the grape
Iowa farmers are discovering grape and wine production as an alternative to corn and soybeans...and Iowans all across the state are drawn to the romance of the vineyards

Preserving your memories
Have you been waiting to copy your wedding video to DVD, or print all your digital photos, or create the perfect scrapbook? As Iowa State celebrates its 150th anniversary, VISIONS offers inspiration to help you preserve and document your own family history.






Summer 2007Summer 2007

The Iowa State Fair
An American classic

Iowa State kicks off the celebration of its Big One-Five-Oh

Morrill victory
The newly renovated and restored Morrill Hall reopened this spring






Spring 2007Spring 2007
Iowa State University Sesquicentennial Issue

The celebration
Iowa State kicks off its 150th anniversary on April 21, 2007

150 people who shaped Iowa State

150 years
Iowa State University's historical timeline

150 moments
Events that defined Cyclone athletics




Winter 2007Winter 2007

The power of one
One professor, one student, one connection. That's all it takes. As we looked at Iowa State's outstanding faculty, we asked ourselves: Why do faculty choose to teach? What's a typical week like for an assistant professor? Why is it so challenging to attract -- and keep -- great faculty? And who are the professors who changed our lives?

Time to celebrate!
Iowa State will celebrate its sesquicentennial year, beginning with a kickoff celebration during VEISHEA on April 21, 2007





Fall 2006Fall 2006

Good chemistry
A look at the ISU chemistry program

'An exemplary leader'
On the occasion of Gregory Geoffroy's fifth anniversary as president of ISU, we take a look at the successes, the challenges, and the future of Iowa State

Special Olympics USA National Games
The Games in Ames soar and score





Summer 2006Summer 2006

Go the distance
What motivates Joan Hellman to run one 50-mile ultramarathon after another? What made Tyler Weig bike across the country, or Megan Sweeney hike the 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail? Why does Eric VanDenBerg get up at 4 a.m. every day to train for triathlons? Find out why these and other Iowa State alumni push themselves to the extreme.

Viva la VEISHEA!
VEISHEA 2006 was a triumphant return to tradition




Spring 2006Spring 2006

The 20 most intriguing people on campus
We've compiled a remarkable group of Iowa State students, faculty, and staff, and we can't wait to introduce them to you.

Thanks, Houston
Iowa State fans know how to have a good time. Re-live the Houston Bowl hoopla in this gallery of photographs.






Winter 2006Winter 2006

Be our guest
They'll feed you, pamper you, and put you up for the night! Iowa Staters in the hotel and restaurant business really know how to roll out the red carpet.

Good food, great service
Waiters from a bygone era remember what it was like to serve formal meals to women in their dormitories and sorority houses

A shattered past
More than 70 percent of the 180,000 inmates currently in the U.S. federal prison system are incarcerated because of drug offenses. And they're not necessarily who you think they are.



Fall 2005Fall 2005

Athletes & academics
To succeed in today's competitive Division I sports environment, student-athletes must do it all: classes, study sessions, team practices, training, travel, and game-day competition. How well are students at ISU pulling off the balancing act?

Dancing in rhythm
Grab a partner! Ballroom dancing is all the rage at Iowa State






Summer 2005

Summer 2005The All American
They said Gary Thompson was destined for stardom. And that was even before he was old enough to drive. He dazzled fans as a Roland Rocket, left a lefacy as a Cyclone athlete, and continued to shine in his 34-year career in sports broadcasting. As author Chuck Offenburger says, it Gary Thompson's story isn't worth telling, nobody's in Iowa is.

The books of summer
So many books and so little time to read them! We gathered suggestions from Iowa State faculty and staff to help you decide what to read on those long, not-so-lazy, crazy days.

Report card on diversity
The minority enrollment goal, issued five years ago by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, was challenging: In a state made up of 93.9 percent Caucasians, its land-grant institutions would enroll 8.5 percent American non-whites by the year 2005. Here's a snapshot of how we're doing


Spring 2005Spring 2005

The good life: Rediscovering Iowa
"Iowa is blessed," says Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. But Iowa's poulation and economy are stagnant. "Iowans are passionate about agriculture, our land, our communities, our health, and well being," says ISU College of Agriculture Dean Catherine Woteki. But small family farmers struggle, and the sustainability of Iowa's current agricultural practices is questionable. In this issue of VISIONS, we look at the critical role Iowa State University plays in the economy and quality of life in the state, we look at the long-range impact of Iowa agriculture, we gaze into the future through the eyes of some of Iowa State's brightest young alumni, and we invite you to savor the sights and nuances of all things Iowa as we face new challenges in the land of plenty.



Winter 2005Winter 2005

Northern Dreams
People are drawn to Alaska for different reasons: It's big, it's wild, it's beautiful, and the opportunities for adventure are practically endless.

A gala weekend
Homecoming 2004 concluded the Alumni Association's 125th anniversary celebration in grand style -- and with more than a few surprises





Fall 2004Fall 2004

Surviving Stroke
Two Iowa State alumni share their journeys to recovery from the life-threatening strokes they suffered while still in their 30s

37 things to do on an ISU football weekend
And you thought it was just about the game.

A new tradition
Combining artistry with academic pageantry, the Official University Mace is a new Iowa State tradition

Excited about Cy
The ISU Alumni Association isn't the only one having a birthday. Our beloved Cy, that furry redbird-about-town, turns 50 this year! (We think he doesn't look a day over 21.)

Summer 2004Summer 2004

RAGBRAI: Iowa's Greatest Cycling Adventure
Every year since 1973, folks from all over the country have been peddling their bicycles across Iowa on the last weekend of July. For some Iowa Staters, it's an adventure of a lifetime.

An innocent man
May 22, 2003, began as an ordinary day for J.D. Mullen, but the events of that day put into motion a seven-month nightmare that still isn't over.





Spring 2004Spring 2004

The budget: Hanging tough in a tough economy
Iowa State has weathered budget cuts before. Now we're tightening our belts and figuring out how to do more with less in 2004 and beyond

Say cheese!
Iowa State's cheese-making history dates back to the 1890s. Today's ISU cheese connections are both historical and entrepreneurial






Winter 2004Winter 2004

Bridges: Designing. Building. Preserving.
Imagine San Francisco without its Golden Gate, or Madison County without its covered bridges. ISU and its graduates have contributed to the design, construction, and preservatino of great American bridges from coast to coast.

Celebrating 125 years
As the Alumni Association celebrates its 125th anniversary, it honors the people upon whose shoulders it rests...and kicks up its heels during Homecoming 2003





Fall 2003Fall 2003

The ISU Alumni Association: Celebrating 125 years of loyalty, pride, and tradition
In 1878, Edgar Stanton, a member of Iowa State's first graduating class, created the Iowa State Alumni Association, This fall, 125 years later, we are celebrating the tradition, loyalty, and pride that inspired the class of 1872 -- and the approximately 200,000 alumni who followed them

Living in Iowa
Iowa State's new living and learning program for undergraduates connects them with Iowa's communities





Summer 2003Summer 2003

Reiman Gardens take flight
The recent opening of a butterfly house, conservatory, gift shop, and cafe have meant increasing numbers of visitors to ISU's already popular destination

Happy 75 years, Memorial Union
The story of the Memorial Union is about more than bricks and mortar. It's about remembering. Here's a look at the venerable "MU" as it celebrates its 75th birthday.





Spring 2003Spring 2003

Unconditional love
Humans love animals. Why? Just because. Three Iowa State programs -- NatureMapping, the Wildlife Care Clinic, and companion animal veterinary services -- show us that, without animals, we "lose track of the pieces."

Making magic: The marriage of art and science
The partnership of art, science, and technology continues to expand Iowa State's horizons





Winter 2003Winter 2003

Alumni Chronicles
Seven Iowa Staters publish books that tell the stories of their careers, their experiences, their passions, and their journeys

A Growing Friendship
ISU -- the country's oldest land-grant institution -- partners with four of its newest: the tribal colleges






Fall 2002Fall 2002

The Knoll
Iowa State's 100-year-old president's home has evolved from serving the prresident and his family to serving the entire university community

Two voices in the longest civil war in the world
Two Iowa State men share a love for a country -- Southern Sudan -- that has been one of the most tragic and terrorized places in the world






Summer 2002Summer 2002

Cael Sanderson's last perfect season earned him a spot in the record book as the greatest collegiate wrestler of all time

Engaging undergraduates in research
The Freshman Honors Mentor Program gives bright freshmen the chance to become active research partners with faculty members

Diverse paths
In a world torn apart by conflict that is often driven by religious differences, the university community can be an oasis of respect



Spring 2002Spring 2002

Bricks and mortar
In the beginning, there was the Farm House. The original builders of ISU's first building could not have known how much the campus would change in more than 140 years. So, too, is our current vision limited. Find out about the challenges involved in maintaining Iowa State's existing facilities and building for the future.

'Everyone was here for the team'
Cyclone fans storm Shreveport, La., for ISU's second bowl game in as many years

The 'In' List
Meet Genevieve, Sam, Whitney, and Boonie. They're hip, they're edgy, they're oh-so-cool. And they're just a few of the students who are setting the popular culture trends on the ISU campus.


Winter 2002Winter 2002

The faculty: Adventurers. Innovators. Superstars.
What makes Iowa State faculty tick? VISIONS takes an in-depth look at this creative, committed, courageous, and sometimes cantankerous collection of people

Investing in people
Dr. Gregory Geoffroy is officially installed as Iowa State University's 14th president

Creating beautiful music
In this year of challenging students to become their best, one faculty member can make all the difference




Fall 2001Fall 2001

Personal best
Iowa State students are embarking on a lifetime of becoming their best

Getting things done on Capitol Hill
Three successful Iowa Staters share their strategies







Summer 2001Summer 2001

A conversation with Greg Geoffroy
Iowa State's 14th president shares his thoughts on the role of faculty research, how technology affects teaching, the challenge of fundraising, and the changing landscape of today's land-grant institutions

Camp Marston: An Iowa State treasure in Minnesota's northwoods
A look back at Iowa State's surveying summer camp and at the efforts to preserve this important piece of history

Children of the world
As part of Iowa State's year-long focus on families, VISIONS celebrates the diversity of cultures represented by ISU's international families

The sex life of the single sea lion...
...and other magical tales of the Galapagos Islands, told from the perspective of an alumni traveler

Spring 2001Spring 2001

Living and learning at Iowa State
Iowa State's academic and residence divisions are working together to enhance student learning

Three days
More than 20,000 ISU fans savor the Phoenix sunshine and cheer the Cyclones on to their first-ever bowl victory

Reaching out to Iowa communities
In this year of strengthening families to become the best, Iowa State and ISU Extension Service celebrate their partnership with rural Iowa communities



Winter 2001Winter 2001

Sustainable agriculture: A journey
In order to be sustainable, researchers say, agricultural practices must meet three criteria: They must be economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially resonsive. But the questions are huge, the road is bumpy, and the journey toward sustainability requires both passion and expertise

The beat goes on
The Alumni Band celebrates its 20th year

Serving to learn, learning to serve
The new Palmer Building
allows faculty and students to serve families, and at the same time, learn from them



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