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Fall 2000Fall 2000

Ordinary families
Through innovative methods of studying families, ISU scientists are discovering new truths about family interactions

The photographers of Iowa State
VISIONS profiles six photographers who have recorded university history and the beauty of the campus

'Make a Difference'
For nine years, ISU President Martin C. Jischke worked toward a single goal: to make Iowa State the best land-grant university in the nation

Reaching the destination
Campaign Destiny: To Become the Best was the largest, most ambitious private fundraising campaign in the history of Iowa State University

Summer 2000Summer 2000

Unprecedented Success
Never before have so many Cyclone athletic teams ranked so high or made such an impact on the national sports scene. Photographer Jim Heemstra, former VISIONS writer Dan Davenport, and a host of other sportswriters and photographers chronicle a season which was, for Iowa State, truly an amazing journey

20th Century Milestones
A review of the significant events that transformed a college into a university

Disappearing Boundaries
Today's technologies are allowing educators to practice their profession in a whole new way



Spring 2000Spring 2000

Careers on course
Iowa Staters are having a ball and reaping the benefits of the increased popularity of golf

Second lives
Three Iowa State alumni have forged exciting new career paths late in life

Evolution of an idea
The technology of gene modification is evolving -- and ISU faculty are evolving right along with it





Winter 2000Winter 2000

Building Understanding
Iowa Staters build bridges between cultures with compassion, creativity, drama, and peer support.

High-tech hogs
New technology helps solve pollutant problems.

Women's basketball: The hottest game in town
Forget Michael and Tiger. For ISU fans, the newest sports heroes are Stacy and Megan and Mo.




Fall 1999Fall 1999

A century of engineering and technology at Iowa State: Looking back, looking ahead

Four generations of a single family of engineers have embraced an Iowa State University campus that is a microcosm of America.








Summer 1999Summer 1999

Promises Kept
Iowa State's educator preparation programs -- and ISU alumni in the profession -- are helping ensure a quality education for our children.

Fabulous fabric
For two Iowa Staters, quilting has taken over their lives, piece by colorful piece

Guiding light
Like his role model, George Washington Carver, Sande McNabb has a passion for science and teaching.

End of an era
After 30 years, Alumni Association Director Jim Hopson is retiring.


Spring 1999Spring 1999

The bells of Iowa State
Iowa State's most visible symbol -- the Campanile -- celebrates its 100th year in 1999.

Driving Dr. Carver
In 1933, ISU alumnus Al Zissler shared time and space with an aging George Washington Carver






Winter 1999Winter 1999

The Smithsonian
Iowa Staters have made lasting contributions to the most American of American institutions.

Cultivating the Cyclone Family Tree
The Legacy Program instills Iowa State loyalty in children of alumni.

Samuel Massie: Continuing the Carver legacy
George Washington Carver and Samuel Proctor Massie, both ISU alumni, share space on a list of the most prestigious chemists of all time.




Fall 1998Fall 1998

George Washington Carver: A legacy of inspiration
George Washington Carver's influence began at Iowa State more than 100 years ago, but his legacy lives on.

Mixed Marriages
Somehow Cyclone-Hawkeye couples manage to make it work.







Summer 1998Summer 1998

Going Places
In this first-person account, a VISIONS writer and photographer document the life-altering experience of studying abroad in Costa Rica.

Darleane Hoffman's scientific balancing act
The world-class nuclear chemist is also a wife, mother, and educator.

Building on strengths
ISU grads Bob and Diane Greenlee have given $9 million for a school of journalism.

Silver Cyclones
Older Iowa Staters are living life to its fullest.



Spring 1998Spring 1998

Clearing the hurdles
Tom Hill, Iowa State's new vice president for student affairs, has jumped high, low, and everywhere in between.

Savoring Iowa State
A lighthearted look at the culinary traditions of Iowa State

Reiman Gardens
A prairie heritage takes root





Winter 1998Winter 1998

Compassionate Healing
The number of women in veterinary medicine has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, and the profession is stronger for their presence.

University Extension: Helping Iowa become its best
Inherent in Iowa State's land-grant mission is Extension. But just what does that mean as we enter the 21st century? You might be surprised.

How ISU is Leading the Technology Stampede
Iowa State is one of the nation's leading universities in information technology. Today, students and faculty are working and communicating faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before.



Fall 1997Fall 1997

The Gentle Sculptor
A kind of Christian Petersen Renaissance is taking place on campus these days, and many of the works of the Danish sculptor are being restored.

The School that Fell from the Sky
Villagers of Nantambu, New Britain, have a unique relationship with a 1940 alumnus: They saved his life, and he built them a school.

Inside information
An ultrasonic device developed by ISU engineers could make the skies safer for air travel.



Summer 1997Summer 1997

The Long Goodbye
Originally created to serve a post-war housing shortage, Pammel Court is finally in its last days at Iowa State.

Journey into Africa
A photographic safari to East Africa is the adventure of a lifetime for some ISU alumni.







Spring 1997Spring 1997

Setting the Stage for the Year 2000
The College of Family and Consumer Sciences forges toward the next era

Click Here...
Savvy students and curious alumni clamour for more as ISU's Internet wizards accommodate.






Winter 1997Winter 1997

Market Value
The appraisals are in, and Iowa State's National Achievement and Merit Scholar freshmen class is being assessed as one of the top lots in the nation.

Words for the Taking
Iowa State's resident bard seeks poetic justice when a plagiarist sows his odes.







Fall 1996Fall 1996

Campaign Destiny: To Become the Best
Amidst trumpets and tributes, Iowa State launches its pursuit of $300 million and recognition as the #1 land-grant university in the nation.

At Stake
ISU's College of Family and Consumer Sciences takes a gamble on researching how American families roll with the dice.

Sister Act
Meet the Emiola sisters, high-achieving Iowa Staters whose attitudes and antics offer a textbook example of sibling revelry.




Summer 1996Summer 1996

Being There
Martin C. Jischke marked the fifth anniversary of his appointment as president not by reflecting on what has been, but by pondering what is yet to be.

VISIONS helps celebrate the State of Iowa's 150th birthday by naming one celebrated Iowa Stater for each glorious year.

Chance Encounter
Two years ago, they long had written off college. Today, they're ready for their sophomore years at Iowa State. Turns out all they needed was an opportunity.



Spring 1996Spring 1996

Selling Science
The best thing since sliced bread? Perhaps not. But scores of ISU scientists are inventing new technologies that better society -- and earn a buck or two in the process.

Urban Legends
One-hundred and thirty years ago, you couldn't see it for the prairie grass. Today, thousands of visitors see Farm House for what it is: a campus treasure.

First, at Last
The Big Eight Tournament will never be the same after a troupe of unheralded Cyclones blew out of Kansas City with their first crown.

Faded Photographs
Upon reaching 40, an Iowa State University alumnus and St. Louis photographer looks back on seven who weren't so lucky.

Winter 1996Winter 1996

Yard Work
Troy Davis, Iowa State's diminutive sophomore, carried an entire football program from the brink of oblivion to national prominence.

Grass Roots
Watch through the viewfinder as 20 women and two coaches pursue one consuming goal: Build a varsity soccer team at Iowa State University

Within the Confines
We asked, you answered: Alumni wax poetic -- and comedic -- on life in the residence halls over the decades.



Fall 1995Fall 1995

What a Hoot!
If the shorts are short and the beer is cold, it must be Hooters. Read how an ISU alumnus continues setting an audacious tone for the hugely popular -- and equally controversial -- restaurant chain.

Jogging Memories
Ten years ago next month, seven of the university's finest perished in a fiery airplane crash. Reflections on what we lost, and what we gained by having them as members of the Iowa State family.





Summer 1995Summer 1995

A Moo U Woo
ISU had a quite a stake in a rare visit by a certain influential Arkansan. The university's performance? Exceedingly well done.

Light It Up
After two years of fending off tacklers -- both external and internal -- Director of Athletics Gene Smith finally is out from under his own goal post.

VISIONS turns its camera on one of the most mysterious and misunderstood ethnic groups on campus.



Spring 1995Spring 1995

Raising a Stink
How Iowa's first-in-the-nation pork industry handles the simmering odor brouhaha will go a long way toward sniffing out its future.

Church and State U.
Chapter-and-verse evidence -- along with a million or so other reasons -- as to why studying Catholicism is at the heart of the land-grant mission.

Memories of a Manhattan Over Ice
A retired ISU engineering professor melts away a quarter-century to showcase a blast from the past.



Winter 1995Winter 1995

Practice What You Preach
An African American statistics professor didn't let the odds stand in his way of a meteoric rise from the streets of inner-city to the halls of academe

London Broiled
In the midst of a tumultuous 1905 speaking tour, the controversial author of White Fang made a stopover at idyllic Iowa State College

Earth Tomes
Iowa's famed loess hills are alive with the sights and sounds of some of the state's leading artists. Read how a born-and-bred western Iowan made her hometowners proud.



Fall 1994Fall 1994

Down on the Farm
An ISU historian cultivates the notion that American agriculture hasn't always yielded fields of dreams.

Medicine Man
Read how one graduate's "winter giveaway" brought a dose of civilization to needy Nepalese

Masked Marvel
What lurks behind the All-American demeanor of Cyclone men's basketball standout Fred Hoiberg?

Sight Unseen
They're lights, sound, action. Meet the behind-the-scenes tech crew that produces each day in the life of Iowa State.

Summer 1994

Summer 1994A True Teacher
What makes a good teacher? We put that very question to six of the university's top pedagogic thinkers. Here's what they had to say.

Dove Tales
In the shadow of the campanile, the foremost poet in the land -- the U.S. poet laureate -- opened VEISHEA '94 with a moving reading.

Read how a brain tumor overturned U.S. Attorney Don Nickerson's perspective and left him seeking a new opinion.

Out of Focus
ISU's premier arts festival is now 35 yeras old. But with the likes of these ingenious young talents, Focus remains as intensively evocative as ever.


Spring 1994Spring 1994

Everyday People
The poignancy of a renowned author's campus message is greatly magnified in light of Iowa State's recent racially motivated tensions.

The Debt Set
What most alums viewed as a virtually painless way to finance college education has become what one observer calls "Student Loan Prison." Here's why.

Loyal Subjects
Without his finches, Darwin's theory may have ended up on history's ash heap instead of its mantel. Meet five ISU researchers whose theories would never fly without human guinea pigs.



Winter 1994

Winter 1994The First 30 Days
An ISU freshman records his deepest anxieties and most ambitious dreams into a poignant journal. His insights have plenty to offer all of us who've been there.

Ratings War
Two professors face off on a topic crucial to them and familiar to anyone who's taken a college course: Should student evaluations be used to measure teaching effectiveness?

They Are My Heroes
Alumnus Sheri Clemons pours her soul into easing the lives -- and deaths -- of thousands of New York's sick and impoverished.

Star Treatment
VEISHEA in November? Not quite, but hundreds of Stars Over VEISHEA alums did return to C.Y. Stephens Auditorium to put on a stunning show of shows.


Fall 1993Fall 1993

Reconstructive Surgery
With America's health care system languishing on life support, Dr. Stephen Gleason answers an emergency call from Washington, D.C.

Four Iowa State professors and scientists -- like thousands of their peers nationwide -- freelance their faculties after hours.

A River Runs Through It
The usually placid Squaw Creek went berserk in July, roaring out of her banks and into homes, businesses and the Iowa State Center. VISIONS' camera was there.




Summer 1993

Summer 1993Who'll Own It?
WOI has long struggled to pull in the big TV ratings, but during the past 22 months, it's provided great theatre

Night Vision
ISU's resident poet illuminates those moments that keep us wide-eyed in the dark

Agent of Change
Washington's latest buzzword reverberates across the heartland, where 80-year-old university extension struggles to plow new ground

The Trek to Trebek
Quiz kid Nikki Laski takes Jeopardy! for a few thousand and does Iowa State proud.




Spring 1993

Spring 1993Can We Put VEISHEA Back Together Again
Armed with logic and sentiment, Iowa State attempts to uncover the mystery that has transformed its beloved VEISHEA into a rebellious, destructive child.

Quality Quest
ISU is one of a handful of universities enlisting the help of three little letters -- TQM -- to keep Real World economics at bay.

The Elusive 4.0
A former Washington administrator and university president conusels ISU on achieving that grand gold, No. 1 land-grant status.

The Play's the Thing
Great Caesar's ghost! Setting out to exorcise a ghastly experience with Shakespeare, the writer makes a startling revelation of Note.


Winter 1993Winter 1993

Greek to Me
ISU's traditional Greek system trains hundreds of the university's best young leaders, but where does diversity fit into the curriculum?

Rising from the Ashes
The spirit of Bobby Douglas' ancestors has driven him throughout his life. But he comes to ISU wrestling focused as never before.

Over a Barrel
Nobody rivals ISU's ability to secure earmarked federal research dollars during the past 12 years. But plenty can -- and do -- challenge the system's validity.

Soul Maintenance
In a recessed corner of the Memorial Union, our camera shops for the essence of ISU's hideaway of hip.


Summer 1992Summer 1992

The Right Chemistry
Lifelong science devotee Patricia Thiel, one of Iowa State's leading researchers, hopes her own daughter is equally free to follow her heart.

Worlds Apart
Five foreign Iowa Staters intimate their greatest fears and tenuous hopes for their strife-torn homelands

Prime Time
Former student Jerry Bowen finds that, after 15 years as a CBS news reporter, the air times, they are a-changin'.

Break From Tradition
While sunny beaches lured thousands, a handful of campus altruists spent spring break laying a foundation of hope in the downtrodden Kentucky.

Spring 1992Spring 1992

The Game's Not Up
In the afterglow of the Terry Anderson-Thomas Sutherland releases, an ISU professor says terrorists aren't through "playing."

Crunching Numbers
Iowa State -- and all of higher education -- scrambles to maintain some sense of normalcy amid the relentless squeeze of tightening budgets

Word Warrior
A rare interview offers a look at Vine Deloria Jr., the man who's been called "the closest Indians come to a Martin Luther King, Jr."

No Common Sensei
An ISU grad becomes "the sooo BEEG American!" when he steps up to the chalkboard in Japan.

Winter 1992Winter 1992

A Change of Heart
An ISU alumna plays a vital role in employing cardiac transplants to build bridges to tomorrow

For Land's Sake
ISU's first-of-its-kind sustainable agriculture center plows new ground in promoting environment-friendly farming

One Voice
VISIONS focuses its lens on opera superstar Simon Estes' week-long campus visit



Fall 1991Fall 1991

I Spy
The Central Intelligence Agency's enigmatic "spymaster" is the target of VISIONS' top-level surveillance

War and Remembrance
The music stopped on Dec. 7, 1941, as Iowa State students snapped to attention in the face of World War II

2020 Vision
What will be the Iowa State campus of the future? A private design firm helps plot out the answer.

And the Band Played On
The Cyclone marching band -- spared the budget ax last spring -- is back and, as our camera shows, as rollicking as ever.

Summer 1991Summer 1991

Presidential Zeal
Martin C. Jischke moves into his Beardshear Hall office, bringing with him a lifelong passion for education

Southern Exposure
The nation's foremost civil rights photographer puts history into sharper focus during a recent campus visit

A Long Way from Nome
Hop in the dog sled as an ISU graduate records the triumphs and travails of 16 days on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Anything for a Buck
Our camera catches up
to eight students who show no lack of gumption -- or creativity -- in financing their educations

Spring 1991Spring 1991

Robo Prof
Nobody questions Neil Harl's academic, economic, legal, and ag policy genius. The question is, how does he do it all?

English Lessons
Tutoring London's inner-city kids was an unexpected and rewarding side trip for ISU students

Prehistoric Pitchman
With an assist from 50-foot dinosaurs and saber-tooth tigers, an alumnus lends new meaning to the phrase, "This belongs in a museum."

Immediate Family
A mid-life jolt brought a rural Iowa couple to a sorority and a new beginning as Mom and Pop to the multitudes

Winter 1991Winter 1991

Balancing Act
The animal rights vs. research debate heats up at campuses across the country -- including Iowa State's

In Concert
A private management firm has helped the Iowa State Center establish itself as a key player in the entertainment industry

No Quick Fix
A political scientist takes students into the seamy underworld of "narcopolitics" while mourning the demise of his native Colombia

Arabian Sights
An Associated Press photographer turns his lens on the Persian Gulf crisis in the latest in a string of international assignments

Fall 1990Fall 1990

A Capital Campaign
People -- not dollars -- lie at the heart of ISU's "Partnership for Prominence" quest. Here's a chance to meet a few of them up close.

The Write Brothers
When the Sidey boys reached a fork in journalism's road, each took his own path to success, fulfillment, and renown.

A Woman's Place
Though nearly a century removed, an Iowa State feminist carries on the legacy established by her fellow alumna.

Peering into the Night
Every Saturday night, Ph.D. student Andy Bales leads his small army into battle against hunger on the streets of Des Moines.


Summer 1990Summer 1990

Where the Wild Things Are
Chile's Patagonia region provides a picturesque backdrop for William Franklin's study of the graceful guanaco

What a Press Run!
You loved it or you hated it -- but you always read it. VISIONS salutes a century of the Iowa State Daily.

New Kids on the Block
It's, like, totally awesome when hundreds of pre-teens and real teens converge on campus for a really, like, radical summer experience

Do the Right Thing
College campuses across the U.S. -- including Iowa State's -- are witnessing a bona fide rebirth of the student activist movement.

Spring 1990Spring 1990

Capitol Pursuit
Alumnus Tom Harkin hopes to influence two key U.S. Senate committees to pump more money into America's sputtering education system

Perestroika of the Plains
See how one Soviet scientist views coming to America

Bet Your Life
What harm could a $1 lottery ticket cause? The state of Iowa has turned to sociologist Joe Hraba for answers.

Critics' Choice
Readers and reviewers alike can't get enough of professor Jane Smiley and her curious view of life's relationships


Winter 1990Winter 1990

A Stitch in Time
Iowa State's academic programs have emerged relatively unscathed form two years of intense scrutiny

'Whoo, Coach!'
It's still a match made in heaven. Read how the Johnny Orr/Iowa State marriage maintains its newlywed glow after 10 phenomental years

The Phantom Opera
Music prof Julie Simson hopes her recent Carnegie Hall performance becomes just one in a series

Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind
Philip J. Klass has spent the last four decades vaporizing a galaxy of UFO claims


Fall 1989Fall 1989

The Way We Were
Alumni Days reunions were made for people like Lucy Watson Forman, who came back home after 50 years

House Call
Our homes are failing their physicals. An ISU grad tells us what's good for what ails 'em.

Betting the Farm
The state of Iowa's multi-million-dollar wager on ISU's biotechnology program shows promise for a hefty payoff

Gridiron Gourmets
There are no pre-game jitters in this parking lot, where tailgaters get a kick out of gearing up for Cyclone football


Summer 1989Summer 1989

Beyond Brideshead
Amid the columns and the ivy, Rhodes Scholar Modupe Labode shares her perceptions of "The Oxford Experience."

Troubled Waters
After a tragic oil spill, alumnus Dennis Kelso leads the fight to preserve Alaskans' way of life

Political Persuasion
When it comes to acquiring state appropriations, ISU's future lies in the adroit hands of Carol Bradley

Tending Taiwan
Leading Taiwan into the international trade area is but one challenge for its president, ISU grad Lee Teng-hui

Spring 1989Spring 1989

Rewriting America's Lesson Plan
ISU grad Lauro Cavazos goes to Washington with a briefcase full of dreams of United States education

Shaping Fire
With meticulous workmanship and searing heat, ISU gaffers carry on the age-old tradition of blowing glass

Taking Kids to Heart
Tired of fighting your child's passion for junk food? An ISU grad turned best-selling author gives you life-saving ammunition

Rising Sun
After leading ISU to unprecedented heights, Jeff Hornacek is emerging as a pacesetter again, this time in the NBA

Winter 1989Winter 1989

Running on Empty
An anticipated shortage of scientists could spell trouble for the future of American technology

It's a Small World
Globe-hopping with the ISU Alumni Association can mean logging 19,123 miles in 17 days

Three Strikes & You're Out
When it comes to drugs, the ISU Athletic Department does more than just say no

Gray Matter
Who still pulls all-highters at 75? Meet Iowa State's oldest student


Fall 1988Fall 1988

The Road Not Taken
Don Smith, ISU's most (in)famous student body president, strolls into mid-life with his socks on

A Century Worth Celebrating
It's been 100 years of color, controversy, and crowning achievements for the experiement station

College Daze
As another academic year unfolds, VISIONS takes an off-the-wall look at the trials of freshman year

Striking the Right Chord
Critics across the country have something to say about the Ames Piano Quartet: Bravissimo!

Summer 1988Summer 1988

Same Song, Second Verse
Flap over red meat dredges up the age-old controversy of academic freedom

Olympic medalist Danny Harris highlights a look at Iowa State athletes hoping to mine gold at Seoul 1988

Ashes to Ashes
Harry Lando joins forces with the U.S. Surgeon General to declare war on cigarettes

The camera doesn't lie -- a look at the real VEISHEA


Premier Issue: Spring 1988

Spring 1988
Charting Change
ISU President Gordon P. Eaton is a man on a mission

Moment of Truth
A Pulitzer Prize winner unfolds the drama surrounding John V. Atanasoff's claim of inventing the digital computer

Gotta Dance
For 40 years, the name Betty Toman has been synonymous with dance at ISU

A Vote for Good Enough
Hugh Sidey, author of Time magazine's column on The Presidency tells why there is every reason to believe that we will survive the next president



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