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VISIONS Across America

The VISIONS Across America special
edition was published in spring 2014

ISUAA members each received one free copy of the 128-page special issue, which brought readers the story of one Iowa State alumnus from each of the 50 U.S. states. This ambitious undertaking was possible because of generous financial support from Iowa State University, the ISU Foundation, College of Engineering, Department of Athletics, Gregg Gustafson (’80 agronomy) and Peg Armstrong-Gustafson (’81 animal science), Carol (’58 home ec ed) and Gerald (’53 farm operations) Hunter, Ann (’56 textiles and clothing) and Al (’56 engineering) Jennings, Chuck (’76 ag journalism) and Joanne (’76 home ec journalism) Kuster, Don ('60 mechanical engineering) and Carolyn Zuck, and Mike (’59 chemical engineering) and Jean (’60 zoology) Steffenson, Bob ('09 honorary) and Jean Watson, Phyllis Lepke ('69 journalism, MS '74, PhD '91), Lora and Russ Talbot. Most importantly, this special issue was inspired by, dedicated to, and made possible because of all of the members of the Iowa State University Alumni Association, without whom VISIONS magazine would not exist.

To inquire about purchasing additional copies of VISIONS Across America, please contact us at (877) 478-2586 (ISU-ALUM). You can also read the features -- as well some great bonus content -- online at

VISIONS Across America was not only a special edition of VISIONS magazine, however. The nationwide tour also included special blog features about additional alumni from the 50 states, as well as a celebrated exhibition at the Brunnier Art Museum featuring the stunning work of longtime VISIONS photographer Jim Heemstra.

Meet all the alumni featured in VISIONS Across America

VISIONS Across America by the numbers:
24 months
50 states
129 alumni
30,000 rental car miles


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