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ISU Research Park 2015

Ames, Iowa

Over the last 25 years, the Iowa State University Research Park has been an incubator of innovation and a hub of economic development that has steadily grown across the southern edge of the Ames community. Today, as it travels down a path of accelerated growth and change, the Park is poised to double in size and become a source of employment for more than 6,500 people in a unique mixed-use development.

The Park’s current tenants include startup companies, local firms, and established global corporations working in a variety of industries, including bio- and information technology, agriculture, and health. The addition of Workiva (formerly Webfilings) and its 450 workers in a 120,000-square-foot facility has helped accelerate the pace of growth at ISU Research Park, and a new $12 million Economic Core Facility is scheduled to open in mid-2016.

The ISU Research Park also plays a critical role in the development of Central Iowa into the “Cultivation Corridor,” a campaign aimed at establishing the area as the nation’s premier region in the field of agbiosciences.

“The ISU Research Park is a critical component to this initiative as it is aiding us in attracting scientists and business and industry leaders from across the globe to develop and invest in solutions to the food, energy, environmental, and other complex challenges associated with a burgeoning global population,” says Cultivation Corridor co-chair Steven Leath, president of Iowa State University. “This initiative will not only change the way we feed and fuel the world for the future, but it will create stable, well-paying jobs.”


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