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The Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center 2016

Ames, Iowa

Since opening its doors in January 2014, the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center has become the face of ISU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The 66,555-square-foot facility hosts both university and national events that allow Iowa State University to be a hub of agriculture learning and recruitment, public education, cultural activities, and community celebration.

The Center is not just an impressive and functional building; it is also an opportunity for hands-on learning and student growth. The facility is completely student-run, from landscaping and janitorial services to event scheduling and marketing.

The Center has housed university events such as Animal Learning Day, Swine Spectacular, the ISU Bacon Expo, and the University Art Walk, as well as special events for Kubota, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, the Iowa Pork Producers Association, 4-H, and FFA, to name just a few. It was also a 2016 Iowa Caucus site. In 2015, the Hansen Center was in use 66% of the time, attracting a total of 35,245 visitors for classes and events. The Center played a key role in attracting the state FFA conference to commit to Ames through 2022.

“The team operating the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center this past year has exceeded all expectations in filling a great need for high-quality meeting and educational space, both on campus and in the Ames community,” ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences dean Wendy Wintersteen said. “It certainly continues to exceed the expectations of the nearly 1,200 donors who contributed to establishing the Hansen Center as an unmatched learning environment for students and as a modern venue that supports the local community’s economic development aspirations.”

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