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Garry Greenlee 2016

Ames, Iowa  

Garry Greenlee has enjoyed a 36-year-long career with ISU’s Department of Recreation Services, which he currently serves as associate director. It is because of his strong leadership and ability to build and maintain relationships that the university today enjoys inclusive, top-tier recreation facilities and one of the nation’s strongest and most diverse intramural programs. Greenlee is also a successful sports official who has officiated football, basketball, and baseball games, as well as trained more than 200 students who went on to become referees at the high school level or higher – including an umpire who worked last year’s World Series. For his distinguished work as a high school sports official, Greenlee has been inducted into the Iowa High School Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame. “Many alumni still brag about their intramural T-shirts or commiserate about their near misses to get a shirt,” writes Greenlee’s nominator. “Behind the shirt was Garry, who worked hard for hundreds of thousands of students who now have a lifetime of memories.”


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