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Larry Ebbers 2016

BS ’62 ag and life sciences education
MS ’68 ag and life sciences education
PhD ’71 education
Ames, Iowa

Larry Ebbers (L) has guided and inspired countless ISU Ph.D. and master’s students and consistently championed accessible college education for all, particularly through the community college system. A university employee since 1965 and an ISU faculty member since 1972, Ebbers currently holds the title of University Professor and Professor in the School of Education. He created the program Leadership Institute for a New Century (LINC), designed to enhance leadership opportunities for women and minorities in community colleges in 1989, and the Community College Leadership Initiative Consortium in 1995, both of which he leads today. Ebbers has also served as director of the Community College Leadership Program since 2003. One nominator wrote of Ebbers: “He has touched the lives of countless women and men from all walks of life. Our loyalty to him can be directly associated with his commitment to building community college leaders, and helping each person grow professionally and personally.” Adds another: “I can think of no other individual in higher education who has done more to make the world a better place by inspiring, supporting, and influencing others.”



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