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LegaCY Club

Being part of the Iowa State
family is a lifetime adventure.

As a parent or grandparent, you can provide the start of your child or grandchild's connection to Iowa State through the newly-expanded (July 2017) ISU LegaCY Club. Enrolled children receive exclusive birthday gifts and invitations to spirited events that are designed to educate legacies about the university and strengthen their bond to the place loved by Cyclones everywhere.

LegaCY Club offers gifts and
benefits for little Cyclones everywhere!

All legacy gifts are age-appropriate and therefore are not given retroactively. A child's age at the time of enrollment will determine the first gift received. As a member of the LegaCY Club, your child or grandchild will receive:

  • Birth to age 2:
    Cy’s Surprise, an exclusive children’s book written and illustrated by Iowa State legacies Kate Bruns '99 and Tara Gartin '87, respectively, and funded by Ana Hays McCracken '84 and Ed McCracken '66
  • Age 2:
    Cyclone growth chart
  • Age 5:
    Cyclone backpack
  • Age 7:
    Cyclone bank, to encourage saving for college
  • Age 10:
    Cyclone school notebook and pen
  • Age 13:
    Cyclone sleepover pillowcase
  • Age 16:
    Cyclone car decal and keychain for new drivers
  • All ages:
    Cyclone birthday cards
  • Upon graduation from Iowa State:
    LegaCY cord
  • Upon enrollment:
    LegaCY Club certificate

Legacies have the opportunity to attend special events throughout their childhood and during their time as an ISU student, including:

  • Homecoming LegaCY Gift Giveaway
  • Family Weekend Movie Night
  • Senior Send-offs for high school seniors heading to ISU
  • Orientation LegaCY Gift Giveaway for students attending ISU
  • LegaCY Move-in Brunch during move-in week (starting Aug. 2018)
  • Legacy banner signing at Destination: Iowa State

Sounds great! Sign us up!

Enrolling children in the LegaCY Club costs $35 per child (a one-time fee) for ISU Alumni Association members. Please note you must be an ISU Alumni Association annual or life member to enroll and must maintain your membership to receive benefits.

Enroll today to start your child or grandchild's Iowa State adventure. Continue the Iowa State tradition in your family!

At least one parent or grandparent must be a current member of the ISU Alumni Association for a child to be eligible for the LegaCY Club. If you are not a member of the Association, it's easy to join online today. Upgrade to a life membership to ensure that your lapsed membership never prevents a LegaCY Club gift from being delivered.

Note to current ISU students: If you are a current student at Iowa State and would like to notify us of your status as a legacy, please email You are invited to our LegaCY Club events, including move-in brunches, the Homecoming LegaCY gift givewaway, and more.

Need to update your contact information for the LegaCY Club? Fill out our simple form. We want to make sure all mailings arrive in the right place. As your legacy enters 8th and 11th grades, please take the time to fill out additional information that will help them with their college search and the ISU admissions process.

Have more questions about enrollment? Check out our helpful FAQ page.

For more information

For more information about the LegaCY Club, contact Sarah Craw at the ISU Alumni Association.

Phone: (515) 294-5092

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