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LegaCY Club FAQ

Who is eligible for enrollment in the LegaCY Club?
If at least one parent, step-parent, or grandparent of a child is an ISU Alumni Association member, regardless of whether they graduated from Iowa State, the child is eligible for enrollment. (There is no age limit for enrollment.)

I am not an alumnus of Iowa State. Can I enroll my child or grandchild in the LegaCY Club?
Absolutely! The LegaCY Club is open to any member of the Alumni Association who wants to build a legacy of their own. All friends of Iowa State are welcome.

Why can a friend of Iowa State enroll their child if they did not graduate from Iowa State?
Iowa State University and the ISU Alumni Association are committed to supporting first-generation students. A friend of Iowa State who is a member of the ISU Alumni Association can enroll their child or grandchild in the LegaCY Club and help that child become the first generation of a new Iowa State legacy.

Why is there an enrollment fee? What does my child get for the $35 enrollment fee?
The enrollment fee for the LegaCY Club helps cover the cost of engaging your legacy through gifts and events throughout their enrollment in the program. As a member of the LegaCY Club, your child or grandchild receives:

  • A Legacy certificate, suitable for framing and display
  • Cy’s Surprise, an exclusive children’s book written and illustrated by Iowa State alumnae Kate Bruns and Tara Gartin, respectively, before age 2
  • A Cyclone growth chart at age 2
  • A Cyclone backpack at age 5
  • A Cy-shaped piggy bank at age 7
  • A Cyclone notebook and pen at age 10
  • A Cyclone pillowcase at age 13
  • A Cyclone car decal and key chain at age 16
  • Cyclone birthday cards at all ages
  • A LegaCY cord (pictured, right) upon graduation from Iowa State
  • Invitations to LegaCY Club events

What is the benefit of staying enrolled in the program as an Iowa State student?
Once enrolled at Iowa State, legacies continue to receive invitations to LegaCY Club Move-In Brunches and other events, special giveaways at Orientation and Homecoming, and a LegaCY cord upon their graduation from Iowa State.

What happens after I enroll my child or grandchild in the LegaCY Club?
Your child or grandchild will receive a Legacy certificate to welcome them into the program and the most recent gift children at their age would have received. Upon your child or grandchild’s next birthday, they will receive a card and/or a gift depending on the age of the child. Enrolled legacies receive gifts during the month of their birthday for their second, fifth, seventh, 10th, 13th, and 16th birthdays.

My child or grandchild was enrolled in the original LegaCY Club. Do I have to pay to re-enroll them?
Yes. The LegaCY Club has been redesigned to include more ways than ever to engage little Cyclones. This enrollment fee helps ensure that we can continue to engage your Cyclone in new ways in the years to come.

How can I keep my child or grandchild from missing gifts?
There are several things you can do to ensure your child or grandchild will never miss a gift. Keep the Alumni Association apprised of any changes of address by using this form. Manage your Alumni Association membership to make sure it does not lapse. You can also sign up for automatic payment for your membership dues or upgrade to a life membership.

When will my child or grandchild receive their next gift?
Enrolled legacies receive gifts during the month of their birthday for their second, fifth, seventh, 10th, 13th, and 16th birthdays as long as your membership stays current.

Why did my child or grandchild not receive a birthday card or gift on their last birthday?
This could have happened for one of two reasons:

  1. If your Alumni Association membership has lapsed, your child or grandchild does not receive gifts. Renew your membership, and notify us of the missed gift at
  2. If your membership is active and your child or grandchild did not receive a gift, we might not have updated contact information on record for your legacy. Please submit new contact information for your child or grandchild, and notify us of the missed gift at

Why do you need to know more information about my child or grandchild as they get older?
This information ensures that the Iowa State University Office of Admissions can send your child useful information about college visits and admission to Iowa State. It is crucial that you provide updated information for your child or grandchild when they begin 8th and 11th grades.

Will this program help my child or grandchild gain admission to Iowa State?
No. However, enrollment in this program ensures that your child or grandchild’s information is provided to the ISU Office of Admissions so they can receive relevant admissions information. It is crucial that you provide updated information for your child or grandchild when they begin eighth and eleventh grade via this form.

My child or grandchild has moved. How can I update their address?
Please use this form to update your legacy’s contact information.

Do I have to pay the enrollment fee again if my membership has lapsed?
No. The enrollment fee is a one-time payment. Even if your membership lapses, you will not have to pay again. You must, however, keep your membership up-to-date. Check out our life membership payment plan options to ensure your membership never lapses again.

Can I enroll more than one child or grandchild?
Absolutely! You can enroll up to five children in the same household with each form submission. If there are more than five children in your household, you will need to submit more than one form. If you are a grandparent enrolling grandchildren in multiple households, you will need to submit a new form for each household.

My child or grandchild lost a gift. Can it be replaced?
If your child or grandchild has lost or broken a LegaCY gift, we can replace it for a fee. Please contact us at for more information.

The gift my child or grandchild received was damaged.
Can it be replaced?

If you receive a damaged gift, please contact us at within ten (10) days of the postmark date and we will send a new gift.

My child or grandchild lives abroad. Will you still send gifts and birthday cards for their birthdays?
Yes. As long as your membership stays current and your child or grandchild’s address is up-to-date, we will send gifts internationally.


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