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Class of 1876
Class of 1879
Class of 1883
Class of 1884 
Class of 1891
Class of 1896 

1876bClass of 1876 

A boulder on north central campus was given in 1876 and engraved with class members' names in 1917:

Julia Blodgett Hainer
Winifred Dudley Shaw
Ellen Harlow McKinzie
Ella Mead Dissmore
M.I. Aitken
A.P. Barker
L.A. Claussen
J.J. Fectly
G.A. Garard
1876cA.E. Hitchcock
H.N. Scott
A.B. Shaw
L.W. Beard
A.M. Blodgett
J.E. Cobbey
W.S. Collins
W.T. Gilmore
J.F. Hardin
W.M. James
L.E. Spencer
W.M. Woodward



Class of 1879

No graduating gift was recorded.

A 50th anniversary gift given in 1929, the grandfather clock pictured at right sits near the revolving door on the second floor of the Memorial Union. It still keeps perfect time and, if you stand in just the right spot, you can hear both the clock and the Campanile chime at the same time.

Class of 1883

No graduating gift was recorded.

This portrait of Edgar Stanton is located in Special Collections, Parks Library and was given as a 30th anniversary gift by the class of 1883. The portrait was created in 1942 by Henry Rossman. President Stanton served from 1890-1891, 1902-1903, 1910-1912, and 1917-1918.


Class of 1884 

This portrait of Seaman Knapp now hangs in the Parks Library upper lobby. President Knapp served only from 1883-1884.The portrait was done by S.S. Hayden in 1914 on the 30th anniversary of the Class of 1884's graduation.


Class of 1891

No photo was available for the Motor Station fountain given by the Class of 1891. Motor Station was located near Beardshear and Morrill Halls in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It served as a train depot for the "Dinky," as a bookstore, as a post office, and offered many other services. The current Hub next to Parks Library later took the place of Motor Station as a central meeting place and food stand.

Class of 1896

No graduating gift was recorded.

A Class Loan Fund was given on the class' 50th anniversary.

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