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Class of 1905
Class of 1906
Class of 1907
Class of 1908
Class of 1909 

Class of 1905

No graduating gift was recorded.

On its 40th anniversary, the class gave the drinking fountain inside Beardshear Hall's main entrance.


Class of 1906

Together with the Class of 1907, the Class of 1906 provided the President A.S. Welch Memorial Flagpole, which stood in central campus until the 1970s.

On its 50th anniversary, the class gave two granite benches outside the library.


1906 Memorial Benches
"The class voted in 1951 to raise money for a memorial to the deceased class members. The benches are made of granite and weigh 440 pounds together. They cost approximately $1,150."

-- Alumnus, Nov. 1954, Vol. 48-50, p. 11


One of the most important events for the Class of 1906 was the dedication of the memorial benches placed at the entrance of the library as a gift to the college. Mrs. Kirkman, class president, is addressing the group at the dedication ceremony. One of the benches, occupied by class members, can be seen in the left background.

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Special Collections, Parks Library

Class of 1907

With the Class of 1906, the Class of 1907 gave the President A.S. Welch Memorial Flagpole upon graduation.


On its 30th anniversary, the class gave a portrait of President Albert B. Storms. President Storms served from 1907-1910. This portrait was done in 1937 by Othmar J. Hoffler. It is on display in Parks Library.

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Special Collections, Parks Library

On its 50th anniversary, the class established an endowed scholarship fund.

Class of 1908

The Class of 1908 presented an alabaster bust of Longfellow to the university's speech department, as well as a trophy case and a silver cup for baseball competition.

These items could not be located. If anyone remembers the last place Longfellow or the silver cup were seen, please contact University Museums.)

On its 50th anniversary, an endowed scholarship fund was established by the Class of 1908.

Class of 1909

The Class of 1909's class gift fund balance was transferred to athletics scholarships.


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