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Wall of Alumni and Friends

Write your name in history

The Wall of Alumni and Friends, located on the east side of the ISU Alumni Center, has become a place on campus to acknowledge, honor, or remember Iowa State alumni and friends.

More than 4,800 Iowa Staters have already written their names in ISU history with a plaque on the Wall of Alumni and Friends. Recently extended sections of the Wall have added more spaces, but they too are going fast.

We invite you to share your memories and pride with others by honoring family members and friends on the Wall. If you have a military veteran in your family, we also encourage you to honor them with a plaque at a special discounted rate.

  • Each cast bronze tablet will have 64 individually raised plaques.
  • Each plaque can include up to 4 lines of text (40 characters per line) and can be engraved with an individual’s name, hometown and state, Iowa State degree(s) (for ISU alumni) or relationship with Iowa State (for ISU friends), and an optional personal message.
  • Only one name per plaque is allowed.
  • All groupings (i.e. spouse, partner, family, etc.) must be submitted at the same time (please fill out a separate form for each name)
  • The ISUAA reserves the right to edit any submissions.
  • A Campanile symbol will be placed on the plaque to acknowledge deceased Iowa Staters. This symbol will be added during future annual memorial ceremonies.

The cost for a plaque is $250 for U.S. military veterans, $300 for Alumni Association members, and $357 for non-members. (All non-member purchasers will also receive one year of membership in the Alumni Association.) A plaque on the Wall of Alumni and Friends makes a perfect gift or memorial and is fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

To reserve space on the Wall of Alumni and Friends, please fill out our online form or contact us toll-free at (877) ISU-ALUM (478-2586). There are a very limited number of spaces available on the Wall of Alumni and Friends, so be sure to make your reservation soon.

Find your plaque on our alphabetized list (Microsoft Excel file; last updated April 27, 2017)
Purchase your space on the Wall of Alumni & Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Wall of Alumni and Friends?
A.  The Wall of Alumni and Friends at the Iowa State University Alumni Center was designed to be a way for all Iowa Staters to be permanently acknowledged, honored, or remembered on campus. The wall is constructed of concrete and limestone with bronze tablets bearing the names of those participating in this program.

Q.  Am I eligible to have my name on the wall?
A.  Any Iowa State alumnus/alumna (including both graduates and honorary alumni) or friend is eligible to have his/her name on the wall. Memorials for those Iowa Staters who are no longer living (including students, former students, donors, fans, current and former faculty/staff, etc.) are also available.

Q.  How much does it cost to have my name on the wall?
A.  The Alumni Association is interested in making participation affordable for as many people as possible. ISUAA member price is $300; non-member price is $357; U.S. military veterans' price is $250.

Q.  What size are the tablets and the individual plaques?
A.  The bronze tablets are each 24” wide and 26” high.  Each raised plaque measures 5 1/2" wide and 1 3/8" high.

Q.  What information can I put on my plaque?
A.  There are four lines of text available on each plaque, with 40 characters allowed per line. The first line will contain the person’s name (first, middle, last, and maiden if requested). The second line will contain the person’s hometown and state. The third line will contain Iowa State degree information (for all ISU graduates) or honorary degree year (for honorary alumni). For friends of Iowa State, the third line will list the person's relationship to ISU. The fourth line may be personalized with a message of the person’s choosing. The ISU Alumni Association reserves the right to edit any and all information. All edits will be reviewed by the purchaser before the final tablet is produced. See examples.

Q.  Why is there a Campanile symbol on some of the plaques?
A.  The Campanile symbol recognizes deceased Iowa Staters. An annual ceremony will be held to honor individuals who have passed away during the previous year, at which time a new Campanile symbol will be added to those plaques.

Q.  Can I have more than one name on my plaque?
A.  No. Only one Iowa Stater may be featured on each plaque. This is due, in part, to the space required for the previously mentioned Campanile symbol that will be added for deceased alumni.

Q.  Can I choose to have my name grouped with other family or friends?
A.  Yes. Groupings of friends or family can be accommodated as long as the reservation forms are submitted at the same time.

Q.  Do I need to be a member of the Alumni Association to have my name on the wall?
A.  All participants must be members of the Alumni Association at the time the reservation is made to have their names included on the wall. The non-member rate includes an annual Alumni Association membership.

Q.  Once I submit my reservation, when will my name appear on the wall?
A.  After we receive 64 names (the amount necessary to fill a tablet), that information will be reviewed and forwarded to the manufacturer. Final proofs from the manufacturer will be forwarded to each person for a final approval before the tablets are cast. Each tablet requires 64 individual plaques. Depending on where your plaque is in the process, it can take three months up to a year for a tablet to be completed. We will do our best to get your tablet filled as quickly as possible. Once the tablet is installed, we will take a picture and send it to you so you can see it.

Q.  Can changes be made once the tablet is in place?
A.  Since the tablet is cast in bronze, changes after the final proofing process are not possible. The ISU Alumni Association, with your approval, will make every effort to ensure that all information is correct before the tablets are produced. If a plaque absolutely must be changed, the individual requesting the change will be responsible for the cost of the entire tablet (approximately $2,500).

Q.  What is the proofing process for the plaques?
A.  Once an order is received in our office, it is entered into a database. Once a tablet has been filled, the 64 individual plaques are reviewed by no fewer than three staff members. The tablet is then sent on to the manufacturer to produce an "artist's proof." This proof will be returned to our office for another review, then it will be sent out to each individual plaque purchaser along with an approval form (a signature will be required on this form). Once all approvals have been received for a tablet, it will be sent back to the manufacturer for production. Tablets will be produced within six weeks of the final approved proof.

Q.  Is this tax deductible?
A.  A plaque on the Wall of Alumni and Friends is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Q.  Will this count toward my lifetime giving to Iowa State University?
A.  Yes, all payments toward the wall are being processed through the ISU Foundation to ensure proper credit toward your lifetime giving to Iowa State University.

Q.  May I buy or reserve spots on a plaque for future graduates in my family?
A.  Yes. You may purchase a plaque for a future Iowa State graduate, keeping in mind that the text you choose now will be permanent. You may not, however, reserve a blank plaque to be engraved at a later date -- unless you are willing to pay the full replacement cost of an entire tablet (approximately $2,500).

Q.  Why was the content of my plaque changed between the time I submitted it and the time I received my proof?
A.  First of all, we may have simply made an error transferring your information. Be sure to ask if you think something is wrong on your plaque proof. However, please note that for stylistic and consistency reasons we may have changed some of the content according to our styleguide:

1. We have checked all degree information against what is provided in our central university records and in many cases changed the name, type of degree, or degree year from what was submitted to correspond with university records listings. If you believe your university record contains an error with regard to your degree, please contact the ISU Alumni Association at (877) ISU-ALUM (478-2586) for assistance and further investigation.

2. In the interest of consistency and aesthetics, and in fairness to other plaque purchasers, we removed extraneous information that may have been listed on lines 1-3 of your original plaque submission. Where possible, we attempted to incorporate the information on the fourth line. All personal information and additional messages must be listed on the fourth line of the plaque. If you would like to change your fourth line in light of this, please indicate your desire on the proof.

3. The name (first) line on each plaque is listed in all caps on every plaque. There are no exceptions to this style. Maiden names are listed at the end of the line in parentheses, and nicknames are listed in quotation marks in the middle of the name. Periods are used for initials or other abbreviations unless the purchaser requested they be omitted.

4. Hometowns and states (second line) are spelled out completely, unless the submission exceeds 40 characters. In those cases, the ISUAA used Associated Press state abbreviations (Ala., Ariz., N.H., Wis., etc.) to indicate your home state. Multiple hometowns are separated with ampersands (&).

5. Degree disciplines (third line) are spelled out, unless the submission exceeds 40 characters. The ISUAA attempted to use a consistent abbreviation standard for academic majors. (For example, "Engineering" is consistently abbreviated as "Engr.") If you have questions or concerns about abbreviation of an academic discipline on your Wall of Alumni and Friends plaque, please contact the ISU Alumni Association. Multiple degrees are separated with semicolons (;).

6. Unless the fourth line contains a famous quotation, quotation marks are not used unless deemed necessary in the ISUAA's proofreading process.

7. Commas were added where deemed appropriate in the fourth line. (For example, "Go Cyclones" was changed to "Go, Cyclones.") Capitalization was also changed in some locations for the sake of consistency.

8. Other changes, such as the correction of spelling or changing of punctuation, may have been made. Please review your proof carefully to ensure it is accurate, spelled correctly, and conveys your sentiments correctly. We will be happy to work with you on a revision if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of the proof.

Q.  How can I find my name?
A.  There are four binders which list each individual’s name, tablet number, row number, and column number. An online list is also available.

Q. There is not a location by my name in the binder/on the list.  How can I find my name?
A.  If there is not a location by your name, the most likely reason is that the you have not yet been assigned a location because your plaque is not far enough along in the proofing process.

Q. How did you determine what order to put the names in?
A.  Names were placed in order based on the date we received the applications.  To accommodate certain groupings, some individuals may have been moved to another location.

Q. May I take a rubbing of my plaque(s)?
A. Yes, materials to take rubbings of the Wall are located at the receptionist desk on the second floor of the ISU Alumni Center. Frames for these rubbings are also available for purchase at the ISU Alumni Center.

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