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Future Alumni Network

1. What is FAN?
The Future Alumni Network (FAN), formerly known as the Student Alumni Association, is a student membership program for all current students of Iowa State University. It is one of the largest and strongest programs in the nation. Becoming a member of the FAN connects you to the more than 250,000 alumni of Iowa State University. The connections you build here will last a lifetime and are invaluable throughout your Iowa State adventure. FAN also provides members with valuable discounts here is Ames and around the country.

2. How do I join?
Your FAN membership can be charged to your U-bill or credit card if you join online. You can also stop by the Alumni Center at 420 Beach Avenue to fill out a membership form.

3. What do I have to do after I join?
You don’t have to do anything, except use your membership card and save money! There are many benefits available for almost no effort! We do also offer periodic events on campus with free food!

4. How do I get my discounts?
Download the Iowa State Alumni app to access your digital membership card. Show this card at any of the more than 90 participating local businesses. That’s it! Check out the FAN Discounts tile on the app for a complete list of Ames-area discounts for students!

5. What discounts do we get?
See the list of current discounts here or on the FAN Discounts tile of the Iowa State Alumni app.

6. I don’t have my shirt yet. Where do I get it?
Membership packets can be picked up on the second floor of the ISU Alumni Center between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Alumni Center is located to the west of Hilton Coliseum and north of Jack Trice Stadium. Our address is 420 Beach Avenue.

7. Can you send me my stuff?
Due to our large number of members (5,800+) and affordable membership dues, we are unable to do this. Sorry!

8. How do I get on the email list?
If you are not receiving emails from FAN, please contact us and we will ensure that your email is in our database. We can be contacted at or (515) 94-8488.

9. Who can join?
Any current ISU student is eligible, including both undergraduate and graduate students.

10. How many meetings are there?
None! Just show up at the events you are interested in.

11. Do I have to sign up each year?
Yes, the yearly membership period runs from June 1 to May 31. If you join as a Forever FAN member, you won’t have to sign up again for life-- just pick up your packet each year!

12. I bought the All Sports Package - does this make me a member of FAN?
Yes! You are also automatically a member of Cyclone Alley. Make sure you pick up your membership packet!

13. How do I join Cyclone Alley?
Cyclone Alley membership is only available as a part of the Athletics All-Sports Package.

14. What if I still want a plastic FAN card?
You will need to stop by the ISU Alumni Center to pick up a plastic membership card.

15. How do I stay in the loop about new discounts and events?
Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and read the member newsletter to catch the latest FAN news and info!

Forever FAN Membership

1. What is a Forever FAN membership?
A Forever FAN membership includes a FAN membership for each year a student is enrolled at ISU after you sign up, as well as ISU Alumni Association life membership for every year after graduation.

2. What does a Forever FAN membership for students cost?
A Forever FAN membership is $640, paid over the course of eight semesters at $80 per semester. It is a savings of $360 compared to the ISU Alumni Association life membership rate of $1,000.

3. How it is paid?
An $80 per semester fee is charged and paid through the student’s U-Bill account.

4. Will any fees be charged if a student is enrolled in summer classes?
No. The $80 charge will only appear during fall and spring semesters.

5. Can scholarships and/or financial aid cover the charge on the student’s U-Bill account?
Yes. If students have scholarships or other types of financial aid, the $80 would be paid for after all tuition and fee costs are paid.

6. What happens after graduation?
Upon graduation, the membership will simply be converted to an ISU Alumni Association life membership. If the membership is fully paid; they will never have to pay dues for their membership.

7. What happens after graduation or non-renewal of enrollment if there is still a balance?
If there is a remaining balance upon graduation or non-renewal of enrollment at Iowa State, the membership will be converted into an ISU Alumni Association life membership with semi-annual installments. If two or more payments are missed after graduation or non-renewal of enrollment, the membership is no longer eligible for the $640 rate. (Contact ISU Alumni Association for details.)

8. What happens if student attends longer than 8 semesters?
The maximum charge a student will incur is $640. If a student is enrolled longer than eight semesters, the charges to their U-Bill account will stop once the maximum of $640 is hit.


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