Iowa State University Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association Membership

Becoming a member of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is your first step in a lifelong relationship with Iowa State University. (Think of it is a test run before joining the ISU Alumni Association after you graduate!)

SAA will enhance your college experience, allow you to interact in meaningful ways with ISU alumni, and save you money when you take advantage of the 90+ discounts that come with your membership! Join now!

Member Benefits:

  • a cool ISU T-shirt
  • the colorful ISU events calendar to hang on your wall
  • unlimited access to more than 90 local business discounts
  • access to the online alumni directory -- a great way to connect with ISU alumni and possibly even find a job or internship!
  • the ISU SAA app on the App Store and Google Play -- keep track of your discounts, use your digital membership card, and more. (Look for the "Iowa State Alumni" app and use your student ID to log in.)
  • opportunities to socialize with other students and ISU alumni through networking activities and campus celebrations
  • the pride of being part of the largest student group on the ISU campus -- and the largest student alumni membership organization in the Big 12!

Membership Options:

  • Annual Membership
    Only $20 each year, including grad school!
  • Student Life Membership
    As a student, you can become a life member of the ISU Alumni Association for only a fraction of the cost! This membership option includes SAA membership for each year you are enrolled at ISU after you sign up, as well as ISUAA membership for every year after graduation! The cost of this membership for current students is just $640 (life memberships are regularly priced at $1,100 -- so SAA Life represents a 42% savings!). Freshmen are eligible to make $80 installments payments for eight semesters.
  • Cyclone Alley and All-Sport Ticket Packages
    Cyclone Alley membership is offered exclusively through the athletics all-sport ticket package. Membership to SAA is also included in this package. To purchase an all-sports ticket package, stop by the Student Alumni Leadership Council (SALC) office on the first floor of the ISU Alumni Center or call (515) 294-5092.

What members are saying:

"I'm in SAA because Iowa State University rocks and I want to stay connected with it forever!"

"I love the discounts, the T-shirt, the keychain, the calendar, and the BBQs. This membership gives you a chance to be a part of something uniquely Iowa State. The slogan says it all: 'Students today, alumni forever.'"

"I am in the graphic design program here, and I take advantage of the 10 percent discount at the book stores. I also use a lot of the other discounts and feel like I save at least the $20 that I paid to join."

"SAA is a great opportunity for current students and alumni to keep in touch. For graduating seniors it is a great way to find job opportunities. You also can't forget about all the free perks of being involved. GO STATE!"

"I knew I wanted to live in Charleston, S.C., so I utilized the online directory to put me in touch with ISU alumni in that area. Through e-mails and follow-up phone calls, I was able to establish relationships with the alumni, all of who helped me in different ways. One lady sent me a list of contact information of companies that may potentially be hiring, and many people forwarded my resume on to upper management in their own company and also to friends who may be of help also. Of all the alumni I contacted, one in particular was the jackpot! As a top executive, he was able to actually create a position for me. Thanks to the online directory, I was able to establish great contacts, move to an area of the States that I want to live in, and get a great job. All of the ISU alumni I talked to were very helpful and definitely went out of their way to help a fellow Iowa Stater. Sharing a degree from the same university creates a strong connection between perfect strangers and has the power to result in amazing things such as a job and friendships."

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