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Iowa 'STATEment Makers' is an honor that recognizes the early personal and professional accomplishments and contributions to society of Iowa State University's young alumni (graduates 34 years of age and under). Nominations are sought annually for 'STATEment Makers' who have made differences in their own lives, the lives of others, their communities, and/or their professions through ambitious efforts that reflect the scholarly, entrepreneurial, or service-oriented spirit of an Iowa State University education.

Examples may include:

  • the creation of a grassroots organization to respond to a community problem
  • the birth of a thriving small business
  • the fulfillment of a lifelong dream

Nominations will be accepted in five categories:

  • Scholastic
    Research grants/findings/projects, dissertations, graduate endeavors, etc.
  • Career Achievement
    Business success, service, outstanding recognitions, rising stars, attainment of professional designations, etc.
  • Personal Achievement
    Overcoming odds, physical/athletic and personal accomplishments, etc.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Start-up business(es), innovative ideas, ingenuity, ambition, etc.
  • Service
    Volunteerism, philanthropy, ISU involvement, service to those less fortunate, national and international service, etc.

Meet the 2017 STATEment Makers

Nominations for the 2018 honors will be accepted until Dec. 1, 2017.

Honorees will be selected in February each year and recognized in VISIONS magazine and ISU News Flash in the spring and summer, as well as recognized on the ISUAA website year-round.

Nominators are asked to select the nomination category that best fits the nominee's accomplishments and to provide a brief description (500 words or less) of why this individual is making a statement. Once nominations are received, nominees will be notified and asked to provide additional information for selection purposes. Up to 34 individuals aged 34 & under may be selected annually for this recognition.

Nominate an Iowa STATEment Maker online now!

All-time Iowa STATEment Makers honorees

Onalie Kavindi De Silva Ariyabandhu ('14 econ, intl. studies, env. studies)
Robert "Lopaka" Baptiste III ('06 liberal studies)
Adam Hoebelheinrich ('09 journalism)
Colin Hurd ('13 ag studies)
Anna Jones ('11 architecture)
Tyler Kingkade ('11 journalism)
Cory Kleinheksel ('08 computer engr)
Andrew Lauver ('12 ag studies)
Brenna Lyden ('15 apparel, merch, & design)
David Morrison ('10 genetics, pol sci, intl. studies)
John Pritchard ('11 elec engr, PhD '15)
Justin Saenz ('11 public svc. & admin in ag)
Michelle Wallace ('12 chem engr)
Jacob I. Wilson ('11 pol sci, women's & gender studies)

Christopher Cassling (’11 biology)
Daniel Eaton (’08 mechanical engr)
Mary Fuller (’08 ag and life sciences ed & studies)
Andy Hoernecke (’05 computer engr, MS ’07)
Carl Kirpes (’12 industrial & manufacturing systems engr)
Stephen Lauer (MS ’13 sustainable ag & community planning)
Mark Richard Kresser (’09 civil engr)
Maggie Luttrell Roby (’09 history/women’s studies, M.Ed. ’11)
Rachel Bell Parks (’11 BS/MS diet and exercise)
Alex Priest (’11 landscape architecture)
Cristina Saint-Blancard (’06 mechanical engr)
Cristobal Salinas Jr (MS ’12 student affairs and higher ed, PhD ’15 higher ed admin)
Ned Skoglund (’08 management and marketing)
Katherine Wiegert (’07 biology)

Mohammed Alabsi (’07 computer science)
Angela (Fredericks) Anderson (’05 public service & administration in ag)
Kate Arends (’06 graphic design)
Aaron Becker (’05 electrical and computer engr)
Garrett Burchett (’03 community and regional planning, MS ’05)
Janelle Buxton (’15 ag ed and studies)
Maria Schwamman Charbonneaux (’07 journalism)
Cathy Compton (’08 music ed)
Erin Curtis (’10 kinesiology and exercise science)
Matt England (’11 aerospace engr)
Louis Kishkunas (’06 political science)
Jill Madden (’10 genetics)
Zac McQuistan (’04 finance)
Chris Meiners (’07 management info sys)
Molly Lynch Murphy (’04 journalism)
Jeremy Swanson (’05 ag systems technology)
Tyler Weig (’05 community health ed)

Erin Bergquist (’02 dietetics)
Axton Betz (PhD ’12 human devel & family studies)
John Bosley (’03 art & design)
Lucas Carlstrom (’08 animal science)
Kayse Carter (’10 apparel merchandising, design, and production)
Jacob Cline (’04 mechanical engr)
Natasha Croom (PhD ’11 education)
Brendan Dunphy (’07 zoology, entomology, and animal ecology)
Andrea Fellows (’06 marketing)
Jamie Kay Ford (’05 history)
Luke Gran (’08 forestry and international ag)
Shelly Greving (’04 graphic design, MBA ’09)
Angie Kamps (’03 genetics, PhD ’08 molecular, cellular, and dev biology)
Eric Kline (’04 management info sys)
Sarah Low (’02 public service and admin in ag)
Sushain Pandit (MS ’10 computer science)
Scott Siepker (’05 psychology)
Rachel Stork Stoltz (’05 biological-pre-medical illustration)
Tom Vance (’09 journalism)
Chris Williams (’07 journalism)

Ebban Clause (’05 marketing & intl business)
Chris Deal (’08 mechanical engr)
Shawn Eagleburger (’05 interior design)
Silentor Esthil-Henderson (’10 history)
Dimitra Jackson (M.Ed. ’05; PhD Education ’10)
Vaibhav Kumar (’07 electrical and computer engr; MS ’09)
James Megivern (’05 finance & management)
Wes Meier (’08 mechanical engr)
Jackson Metcalf (’06 architecture)
Cameron Travers (’07 computer engr)
Annon Woodin Schwegler (’06 early childhood special ed)
Bethany Wilcoxon (’08 community & regional planning)

Brad Baer (’07 architecture)
Lindsay Compton (’03 zoology & genetics)
Wei Du (PhD ’10 aerospace engr)
Lyndsey Medders Fennelly (’07 sports management)
Sarah Fischer (’02 political science)
Matthew Gleason (’01 political science)
Steve Good (’04 finance & international business)
Kalvin Grabau-Keele (’06 finance & international business)
Jennifer Hosch (’05 animal science, DVM ’09)
Allison Kempers (’06 early childhood special education)
Emily Kinser (’04 political science and materials science & engr, MS ’05 materials science & engr)
Angela Laury (’03 animal science, MS ’06)
La Toya Massonburg (’03 finance)
Nick Oullette (PhD ’08 ed administration and policy studies)
Amit Pande (PhD ’10 computer engr)
Jodi Prosise (’03 mechanical engr)
Andrew Riha (’05 computer engr, MS ’08)
Curtis Tarver (’03 sociology)
Alexis Taylor (’05 political science)
Mike Taylor (’03 ag studies)
Matt Thompson (’03 history, PhD ’10 ed leadership)

Dan Bumblauskas (’03 indus & mfg sys engr and econ; MS ’06 indus engr)
Elizabeth Gardner (’02 apparel merchandising, design, and production)
Jeff Goodenbour (’04 genetics)
Brent Greubel (’02 computer sci)
Lauren Hughes (’02 zoology & Spanish)
Shane Jacobson (’03 comm studies; M.Ed. ’08 higher ed)
James Johnson (’01 ag ed)
Daniel Lemm (’04 finance)
Tom Mangan (’05 accounting, MAA ’06)
Greg McGrath (’08 mechanical engr)
Wendell Mosby (’01 apparel merchandising, design, and production)
Kelly Norris (’08 horticulture)
Matt Ostanik (’01 architecture; MBA ’09)
AJ Pollard (’07 mechanical engr; MS ’09 mechanical engr & biorenewable resources and technology)
Rohini Ramnath (’07 political science)
Sara Snyder (’06 biochemistry)
Kipp Van Dyke (’02 child and family services)
Megan Weiler (’06 finance)
Austin Woodin (’02 finance)
Keith Zoromski (’04 political science)



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