Honorary Alumni Award Nomination Form
The Honorary Alumni Award, established in 1968, is the highest honor given by Iowa State University to individuals who are not graduates of Iowa State University and who have made significant contributions to Iowa State’s welfare, reputation, prestige, and pursuit of excellence. It is important to articulate in the nomination how this individual demonstrates his/her pride in and connection to Iowa State. (In other words, why would people think this person was an Iowa Stater?)

Up to two awards are granted annually. This award is administered by the ISU Alumni Association on behalf of the university; therefore current members of the ISUAA staff, board of directors, and awards committee are ineligible to receive this award.

Guidelines for submitting a successful award nomination:

  • Be sure to read the award descriptions carefully to ensure you are nominating an individual for the most appropriate award.
  • The information submitted by the nominator is what will be used to determine the strength of the award nomination.  Be thorough with the submitted information.
  • When nominating a “couple” for the award, be sure both individuals meet the selection criteria.  Each person will be judged as if they are being independently nominated.
  • To best represent your nominee, please follow the nomination format closely. Respond to the criteria requirements in the numerical order as listed under the Selection Criteria heading. Essay type submissions that don’t follow the exact criteria order make it difficult to capture the necessary information to meet selection guidelines.  

Nominee Information

Primary Email:

Nominator Information

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Please follow the nomination format closely. Additional attachments or information other than those requested below will not be considered in the selection process.  A current resume and/or vitae may also be submitted in addition to, but not in lieu of, the items on the following list.

On one document (nominator summary), please include information to support the first two items below:

1.    In 500 words or less, please explain why this person should be chosen for this award and the significant contributions this candidate has made to Iowa State’s welfare, reputation, prestige, and pursuit of excellence. It is important to articulate how this individual demonstrates pride in and connection to Iowa State. 

2.    Please provide a list of other honors, awards, and recognitions received, as related to Iowa State University.

All nominations are kept on file for one year following the year in which they are originally considered, if not selected that first year.  Nominators are encouraged to update nomination materials yearly.


Please attached the supporting materials outlined above:

Please save and upload all documents as PDF files.



Questions?  Please call Katie Lickteig toll-free at 877-ISU-ALUM (or locally, at 515-294-1955), or email

This information is requested to select individuals for recognition. No persons outside the university are routinely provided this information. Excerpts from the nomination materials may be used for publicity or in the printed program for award winners.