Wallace E. Barron All-University Senior Award Nomination

The Iowa State University Alumni Association established this award in 1968 to recognize outstanding seniors who display high character, outstanding achievement in academics and university/community activities, and promise for continuing these exemplary qualities as alumni. Awardees receive the official Iowa State University Ring from the ISU Alumni Association. A minimum of two awards are granted annually. A minimum GPA (cumulative) of 3.0 is required. Nominations are due December 1.

  • The information submitted by the nominator is what will be used to determine the strength of the award nomination. Be thorough with the submitted information.
  • This award is open only to undergraduate students* who have senior classification status (90+ credits) at the end of fall semester (seniors graduating in the fall are eligible to receive the award), and who have a minimum GPA (cumulative) of 3.0.

*Students who are enrolled in a concurrent undergraduate/graduate degree program and who have not received a bachelor's degree are also eligible for this award.

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